• Bronyville Episode 061 – Friendship has Failed! and EQD Q&Neigh NOW

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    It's that time of the month once again! Bronyville and Equestria Daily (Otp) will be collaborating on one of those crazy Q&Neigh things, primarily focusing on Bronycon this time.   Have some Infos:

    Contrary to the title, this is not a last episode (besides what some neighsayers may say). Actually, Dennis Daniels of the Dennis Daniel Show (http://www.alltasteexplosion.com/) dropped in so we can talk about pony, performing a show about pony and getting in the show stars, and even offering a contest for those who listen. There may be fabulous prizes! And then chop this full of fun with our Bronycon discussion, the hot new toys on the way from Hasbro, and pony fighting games hitting the big stage.

    Bronyville Episode 062 - EQD Q&Neigh - Bronycon Wrap-up (~Bronycon Wrap-Up!~)

    It's time for another monthly installment of the EQD Q&Neigh. The staff will be live on justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast at Noon PDT, Saturday July 7th. Listen to Seth, Phoe, Cereal, Calpain, and other of your favorite EQD moderators alongside Chef Sandy and Apple Cider as they give you their accounts and experiences at Bronycon Summer 2012. How well did the staff do? Was the con fun? Did Tara, DeLancie, and the other guests enjoy themselves? Did the con catch on fire? Wait... it did? Oh well okay, then you should certainly join us and even call into this very special combinocast with Bronyville and Equestria Daily.

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