• Blast from the Past #9

    Hey again everyone! Ready to delve once more into the realm of the pony past? It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since our last edition, but as these features point out time in pony terms just seems to fly.

    As always, you can send suggestions to me at: [email protected]

    Since our last edition I have taken into consideration a few suggestions offered by you good folks and will be trying some new things in this post.

    First up is that in each Blast post I will be featuring a small Blast from the Past Drawfriend (just a few pictures) so to speak by featuring pics/comics from the distant past that newer fans may have missed or that veterans might wish to revisit. If you have suggestions for great old pics or comics just send them to my EqD email.

    Secondly, I'm going to try out a little 'This Day in Pony History' sort of thing where I go back exactly a year to the current date and find an interesting tidbit of news/history to share with you all!

    Anyhow, enough of my babbling! Check after the break for some nostalgia!

    My Little Pony - Friendship is no Longer Available Due to Copyright Claim by Hasbro, Inc.

    A long time ago, a Youtuber by the name of MAST3RLINKX provided high quality uploads of MLP for pony fans around the globe. Unfortunately this was not without troubles as his uploads were eventually reported by what seemed to be Hasbro at the time in March 2011. Eventually it came to light that the reports were done by trolls and in response MAST3RLINKX made the above video poking fun at the situation while offering up a variety of other jokes as well.

    Content Advisory: Material in the video is considered to be mature

    I, Brony

    Released in June 2011, I, Brony was a pony video that summed up eloquently the steps I'm sure most of us went through in becoming pony fans. Combined with a great soundtrack, it's certainly worth a look!

    Lord of the Ponies

    Further proving that ponies can be combined with anything, Lord of the Ponies was one of the earlier pony movie trailers to be released. Coming to us from February 2011, this trailer was before the pony fanbase saw it's first surge of growth in March 2011.

    Epic Rainboom

    Many fans, myself included, fell in love with Sonic Rainboom after they watched it. Who didn't get excited at the climax when Rainbow actually managed to pull off the Rainboom and save Rarity? Apparently very few people as that scene was mixed with every possible form of music around and put into many a PMV. The one above comes to us from May 2011 and is one of the many examples of the Rainboom set to music and is possibly one of the best out there. Check it out!

    Pinkie Pie says "It's Time to Party!"

    Last one for you guys today is an oldie. Released in November 2010, this clip features clips of Pinkie to the tune of Andrew WK's song It's Time to Party. Who would have known back then that he would eventually come out to say how much he identifies with Pinkie and even attend a pony convention? A lot sure does change in a year and some months.

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    This Day in Pony History - July 7, 2011
    The Official MLP Facebook page opens a fan forum for pony fans to participate in. One of the early actions by corporate PR to reach out to the ever expanding community.

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