• Story: A Flying Tank

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: GingerNutGin
    Description: Those not born with the ability all dream of a chance, if only for a few moments, to fly.

    Even if he is merely a tortoise with a simple mind; Tank was no different that the millions of other dreamers that covet the sky. Ever since his Yellow Mistress helped him hatch from his egg, he always marveled at those who have the capabilities.

    As of yet though; he has not appeared at any of the pet play dates, nor has The Blue Mistress. If anything, the two are rarely even seen together. Concerned, Owlowicious attempts to consult with Tank whist they fly regarding the matter. The two have grown close since Tank has been fitted for the peculiar contraption strapped about his shell, despite their differences.

    A Flying Tank

    Additional Tags: pets flying formalities mismatched servitude

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