• Fighting is Magic: Bite Size Updates and Fluttershy VA Chosen

    Fighting is Magic has started up a new weekly feature over on their devblog.  Bite-Size updates focus on specific aspects of the game, from characters to stages.   Last week they released a bit of information on Twilight Sparkle's library stage.  It's pretty fascinating to see how all the little aspects of it were added, as well as the concept art behind it's creation.  Head on over to this page for a whole plethora of information on it. 

    And this week has spawned the amazing Gif you see above.  I was going to main Rainbow Dash due to my love of speedy characters (Assuming she is going to be speedy, who knows!), but Fluttershy might win me over after that one.  Head on over to this page for a tiny amount of information on Ponyville's wild animal caretaker.   They also recently chose an amazing voice actor for her Check this page out for information on that!

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