• Trixie and Lyra Update

    Some of you may have noticed over on the Kmart site, that these two are available for "in store only" pickup if you go through the mobile version.  It shows a list of locations with them in stock.  Curious about this, I decided to check for myself! There aren't a whole lot of Kmart stores in my area, but I did manage to visit two before having to return to the email flood.

    Unfortunately neither of them had any.  Talking with the employees there, it sounds like Kmart is pretty notorious for this.  Just to double check, I called the other two nearby locations, and neither of them had it either. 

    Unlike some stores (Best Buy for example- at least from when I worked there), the online and in store inventory is the exact same, so even in store it will show them as available.  If you do decide to try for yourself, make sure you ask them to actually verify them being in stock first. 

    I'll check back in a day or two! If you happen to run into these floating around at your Kmart, feel free to drop us a line.