• Pre-Readers Q&Neigh Episode 1

    Greetings, avid visitors of Equestria Daily. Today we have something special for you.

    You've asked for it, we busted our flanks over it, and we have delivered!

    Thanks to the efforts of myself, Alexstraza, Daffodil, BronyCray, Blueshift and Hawkysu, we have gathered together a prime selection of your comments and questions, given them answers, and then we squishified them all together into a hour-long podcast for your auditory delight.

    We have youtube and soundcloud links for you, and more information, after the break.

    For those wishing to hear only audio, you can (currently) find this on soundcloud.

    For the rest of us, a nifty video has been put together by Alex (who also did the audio post-processing).

    For a list of questions answered and more information, please see the show notes.

    We also have a question for you guys to discuss in the comments:

    • On the (new) submission form, should the "grimdark" tag be changed to just "dark", with the differing types of darkness being an extra tag?