• Summer Funimation Project: Screenwriting Contest

    A Group going by the name of Bit Bucket Brigade is hosting a summer funimation project dedicated to building a fan created episode for everyone to enjoy, and want the community as a whole to decide on what exactly it will entail!

    The first round is focusing on screen writing, so get your keyboards fired up and ready to go! The full details can be found after the break, along with links to all resources regarding the project.

    BBB (Bit Bucket Brigade) presents:
    The Summer Funimation Project (2012) Screenwriting Contest

    The Internet fandom surrounding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has shown itself to be increasingly creative, inclusive, surprising, and prolific.
    A loose collective of Brony professionals from different corners of the fandom, calling themselves the Bit Bucket Brigade (BBB), are so inspired that they have decided to helm a MLP:FIM FAN ANIMATION PROJECT for the summer break, hoping to harness this creative energy between seasons.

    We're calling it SUMMER FUNIMATION PROJECT 2012.

    We would like all Bronies to be able to contribute to this effort. Alas, it is not possible to work with everyone willing at the same time. So we have devised a series of contests, open to the whole community, to pull together the ideas and to be a part of the creative team.

    Several groups of talented Flash artists have already expressed interest in bringing this project to life. Two of these groups are associated with university animation departments and directly with members the BBB, of which one is already working on a high-profile MLP:FIM fan animation. But we are not done searching. We would be excited to work with any Bronies so inclined to take that honor and responsibility when the time comes.

    What is necessary before any talented Brony animators make any commitments are key pre-requisites: The Screenplay (story), and Concept Art/Storyboards.

    BBB believes that a contest open to all Bronies is the surest and fairest way to find a great Screenplay, as there can be only one!

    So we have created this Screenwriting Contest and are spreading the word. If you’ve got a story idea or wish to see your fanfic get the visual treatment then now’s your chance, so read on!

    The Rules
    1. All entries must be 15 pages or less. The cover sheet is not included as a page.
    2. All stories must be similar in style, tone, and spirit to the original show. This means no grimdark, shipping, or other content that ventures too far from the canon.
    3. Fanfiction is allowed to be adapted into a screenplay so long as they don’t break rule 3 and you have the authors' permission.
    4. All contestants must submit a PDF file in screenplay format. Don’t have document templates or an application that helps you write in screenplay format? No worries! We’ve got you covered, you can download CeltX or check our Contest FAQ for further options.
    5. All entries must be emailed to: summer.funimation+submission@gmail.com with a subject in the following format: Screenplay Contest Submission - [Episode Title Here]
    6. You can submit more than one entry if you have the time.
    7. The final day for submission is Friday, June 8.

    Please check our Contest FAQ and tumblr for the full details, an example screenplay (download to view notes) to help you get started, and more. You can also ask us questions directly from the tumblr or at summer.funimation@gmail.com.

    Once the winner is announced they will begin working with our story editor in fine tuning the screenplay and getting it production-ready so it can be animated.

    Good Luck Everypony!