• Bronycon: The Documentary - Casting Call

    The upcoming documentary hosted by John de Lancie himself is looking to recruit some people from the fandom with specific backgrounds for various aspects of the film.  The list is pretty extensive, so hopefully some of you fit the bill!

    Check it out after the break, or hit up their kickstarter update page here!
    In advance of the convention, we are looking for MLP fans that fit these descriptions. If one of these sounds like you, please email us your story, your name, phone number, city you live in and a picture to [email protected]

     We are looking for:

    • Someone who is going on an artistic journey to BronyCon. You are making art, creating music or even creating special food to take to the convention.

     • Someone who lives in a world non-friendly to the Brony culture. You may live at home, or work in an environment where you would be judged for watching MLP but you're ready to reveal yourself as a Brony to your friends and family and ideally will be attending BronyCon.

     • A man and woman who are both MP fans, live in different parts of the country, have meet online, bonded over MLP, have been dating on-line and now will be meeting for the first time in person at BronyCon.

    • A father and son who are both fans and have bonded over MLP.

    • A mother and son who are both fans and have bonded over MLP.

    • A parent who has a son or daughter with a disability and has been helped by becoming a MLP fan.

    • A 30-something working professional who is a Brony and will be going to BronyCon.

    • A man in the in the Military who will be going to BronyCon.

    • A college age woman who will be going to BronyCon.