• Story: I Am A Monster

    [Sad] [Shipping] [Dark]

    Author: Vladmir Cavallo
    Description: Sometimes a monster is not born. Sometimes, a monster is created.

    Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, is not a being that is easily understood. But even amidst his strange behavior, he still has memories. Memories that torture him to this day. Memories of rejection, memories of madness, memories of confinement...and the memory of his first love, and how it broke both his heart, spirit, and mind. This is his story, where Discord tells both the events that you and I know him for today, when he was released from his prison and enacted revenge upon Equestria...but he also tells a story seldom told, of how he merged with the monster he was made out to be.

    I Am A Monster

    Additional Tags: History, Reminiscing, Rejection, Alternate perspective