• Ponystock 2012 at Everfree Northwest

    So, we derped yesterday and a bit of miscommunication made us miss this one for the convention roundup.  Everfree Northwest has a musician guest list that was going to be included.  Have it now instead! Check it out after the break. 

    Everfree Northwest is proud to present Ponystock, the first ever music festival devoted to all the spectacular FiM-inspired compositions across our community. Held throughout the three day convention, Ponystock features live performances of over two dozen musical guests from around the world, playing everything from folk and rock instrumental sets to epic club remixes and electronica.

    The festival's central attractions include nightly thematic concerts showcasing the best our community has to offer. The list of participating musicians continues to expand, but includes artists such as:
    But that's not all! There are even more special guests and surprises waiting for those so musically inclined, and it only takes a membership for Everfree Northwest to join the party!

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