• Nightly Roundup #311

    They look cute, but I bet they were a huge pain in the flank.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff !

    Fanfiction Poll followup

    A whie back a poll happened in the Nightly Roundup dedicated to fanfiction. These are the results!

    Check them all out here!

    DJ Shamrock Returns!

    Celestia Radio's crazy DJ Shamrock has returned to the cast for the first time since September. His upcoming show will start Monday May 7th, at 11AM CDT/Noon EDT. (5PM GMT)

    Check out this page for his promo, and find the actual show tomorrow here!

    He will also be taking over the radio as a whole, so look forward to more of his shinanigans in the future!

    Obligatory Cake!

    Should I just split these off already into a weekly compilation? I wonder. Anyway, have some cake:

    Chalk Pony Invasion

    Lots of really awesome chalk ponies lately. We don't usually do these anymore, but the detail is awesome enough to require it!

    This was done by the University of Washington Group
    Have a video

    And these were done by this person!

    Chrysalis Tattoo

    I love Chrys, but I don't think I'd have to cajones to go this far! She looks good though!

    Check it out here!

    Mock Pony Game Cover

    Apparently they got the Gamestop employees to shrink wrap and toss a bar code on there. I'd totally play a game like that, looks fun!


    Bronies on Saturday Radio

    Copy Paste:
    The episode where I have absolutely NO idea what to do!



    Successful Meetups

    Western Chicago





    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Phillipines Airsoft Meetup

    Oliver Kevin M. Streeter
    #3 Mt Elbert St. Filinvest 1 Batasan Hills QC
    Tel- 9317799/9328846
    Cell- 09393680291
    City: Manila
    Ateneo De Manila University

    Expomanga 2012 Meetup

    To all the bronies that live in Spain or all the spanish bronies reading this: You should now that we're going to celebrate a Brony Meetup the 12th of May, Saturday, at the Expomanga 2012 that will take place in Madrid those days. We'll gather from 14:30 to 15:00 at the entry and we will have a great afternoon having fun and talking about the best show ever! Please join us or send this to other bronies you know! More accurate information (in Spanish) here

    You can also ask any of us via Twitter:
    -Sotsim Brawlfan (@SotsimBrawlfan)
    -Frandyer (@BronyFrandyer)

    Sacrimento Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    After a long day of working ourselves at school, I think it's time for all of us to relax and hang out with the Bronies at a BBQ and William Land Park in Sacramento, California!
    However, this will cost quite an amount of bits, so we are asking if you can contribute! We will have a PayPal email where you can send your donations, or you can bring in drinks, food, or snacks!
    We will also be holding a number of events so we can all have fun!
    If you have any ideas for things we can do, let us know!
    To PayPal money to us, send it to [email protected]
    Hope to see you guys there!
    Website for the meet up!
    And on BONC


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Smarty Pants Plush
    Twilight Plushie