• Brony Show Episode 50 - Brony Show Anniversary Par-tay!

    Looks like The Brony Show has it's big 50th episode! Copy paste after the break as always !

    There’s a party at our place, ladies and gentlemen, and you’re all invited! At 6:00 PST/9:00 EST, Circuit Mane and D-Pad are throwing our first ever anniversary party. One year ago today, the Brony Show was just a tiny podcast driven by Bronies with a desire to entertain the fans, and now, with your help, we’ve become the sizeable community that we love so much! We give back to our fans tonight with a party, and we hope you can come by and celebrate with us!

    We start with some site/Brony news, and then jump straight into our interview guest: Knighty, the creator of FiMFiction.net! We have our personal interview with Knighty, and after we finish, the viewers will get to ask their own questions.

    Following the interview, instead of our normal episode commentary, we have a special treat for our fans. We have a dramatic reading/reenacting of Sisterhooves Slighted, the original story of which was created by Tom (not that Tom) and can be found here: http://bronycurious.deviantart.com/#/d4uvff4
    Then we have our own Invader Spleen, who has prepared a flash animation made just for us, to celebrate our 50th episode and our 1 year anniversary!

    PMVs, flash animations and other multimedia goodstuff will follow suit, and after the show, be sure to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty. It’ll be a complete blast, with a let’s Play and unpredictable shenanigans long into the night!

    www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 6:00 PST/9:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!