• Michelle Creber Announced for Everfree Northwest

    Looks like Everfree has added another voice actor to their growing cast of important people scheduled to attend the convention this August!  As always, their press release can be found below the break!

    It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the appearance of new guests to our ever-expanding lineup!

    First off, if you didn't catch the news earlier this week, joining our spectacular music track is Andy Stein AKA MandoPony! Well-known throughout the My Little Pony community for his acoustic covers and original pony tunes, Mando is a skilled singer/songwriter and we’re excited to announce that he will be performing live at Everfree Northwest’s own Ponystock!

    He won’t be performing alone, however. Joining him will be none other than Michelle Creber, the voice talent behind Apple Bloom and the singing voice for Sweetie Belle! Besides her pony work, Michelle is a talented actress who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, in addition to starring in musical theatre productions such as Annie and The Wizard of Oz. She is also a singer/songwriter working toward an album release in the coming months! Go check it out:

    Together, Michelle and Mando will be teaming up with AcousticBrony to headline our concert series in a live performance you won’t want to miss!

    Registration is limited, so be sure to get your badges purchased!