• Nightly Roundup #323

    Twilight Sparkle is Truly the Cutest and Most Bestest Pony edition.

    This is fact.

    Equestria Wave Radio Looking for Host


    LF: Art Critic Host for Equestria Rave Radio~!
    We’re looking for a mare/colt to host a show featuring artworks from the lesser known artist in the pony fandom, to give them a chance to shine in the spotlight.
    - pleasing/cheerful voice
    - good microphone
    - knows how to draw
    - good eye for artworks
    - knows how to critic
    - Skype

    And also a Lead Artist and Animator as well! We need
    somepony to draw for the station!
    - fair drawing skill/flash animator
    - cooperative
    - skype


    New Pony Chess Pieces

    More of those custom made pony chess pieces have popped up! Check 'em out here.

    Even more copypasta!

    Well, with the ranks of the top 200 in sight, the [email protected] team has come a long way since its beginnings half a year ago, but as always, we are looking for more members to join the ranks. Of course, being in the team is simple, and absolutely no work beyond a few minutes of setting up is required, but if you are looking to socialise or discuss, we have our [email protected] discussion threads and general MLP forum.

    A little bit of news for you folks who are interested: Work has been underway recently on a basic website that will provide information on [email protected], [email protected], stats, plus a few other goodies, including an online based IRC for those that want to participate in general discussions, or perhaps have issues getting the program to work. Hopefully the site should be operational in the near future, so keep an eye out for the web address.

    I have been asked a few times about whether or not another competition will happen anytime soon, and for those who are curious, nothing is set in stone, but I would definitely love to get another competition up and running in the next few months, this time with even better prizes than last time. In fact, last time, I almost got a pretty great flutterplush, but sadly, due to time constraints, the donator had to pull out. It was a nice gesture, either way. I will be pushing to get at least one for a prize this time around.

    So whether you have an old Pentium, a mid range rig, or a beast that pumps graphics so hard that you'll be convulsing on the floor, join our team, and keep an eye out for more information on our future site and competition! And as before, you don't need a good computer to win a prize!

    Pony URL Shortener and Contest

    Delicious copypasta.

    http://www.ponytopia.net, a Chat based MLP-RP Website has launched a URL Shortener: http://pwny.at/shorten.html
    It has an API and works free of charge and/or ads.

    Further we have a Contest running for Writers or Artists who can win stuff from Welovefine, Sponsored by our Member Cobalt. Details here: http://forum.ponytopia.net/thread-48.html

    Last but not least we try to ease the Pony withdrawal with 'Episodes' that Users can choose. The chosen Episode will then be put up as an RP event, like the Upcoming "The old Switcharoo", where Ponies get their bodies switched around, starting on the 26th of May. Participating users will be surprised with how the Episode will play out. At least we hope so.


     That One Bronyshow

    after a week long hiatus to make room for finals and also as a bit of a cool down after a two part special for the royal wedding, still awesome btw, we're back and ready to talk about and commentary some of the episodes that made this season so great to sit down tune in and hopefully you'll be in for a laugh or two

     Mystery Pony Theater 20000

     Debate Show Radio

    Debate Show Radio is debuting Saturday! Tune in at 6:00pm est for the most *ahem* interesting MLP related discussions to ever come out of your speakers/headphones. Grit will be your humble host; along with Zeeman, Brosidan, and maybe Sauce near the end. (If he decides to grace us with his presence)
    Topics will include (but are not limited to) the different types of Bronies, a general overview of that season finale everyone seems to be talking about, and a weekly "Who's Best Pony?" segment.
    Also remember, you can call in via Skype during the show! Callers will usually be answered right away. Just add the username "debateshowradio" to your contacts.
    And of course, here's a link to our channel: http://livestre.am/1XwDa
    Ani-con Radio

    Saturn, the chairman of BUCK- The Brony UK Convention was interviewed on Ani-con radio a couple of days ago in which he gives a lot of info about BUCK- any chance you could have a place for it in a nightly round up? If you do that would be really great :D

     UK of Equestria

    We have come to the decision to take a break this week, due to my exams coming up and our guest plans falling though last minuet, but fear not we will be back a week later with a super long podcast all up in MCM expo on the scene on the beat. that one may be a bit late possibly on the monday but it will be worth it.
    sorry again, and we will see you guys Next week, also thanks to all listeners for getting us onto the New and Noteworthy section on Itunes you rock 

    Successful Meetups

     Orlando, Florida

    On May 5th 2012, during a weekend that saw box office records getting broken, another group had an assembly of their own as the Central Florida Bronies held their version of the Summer Sun Celebration at the Ultimate Power and Martial Arts Fitness Center in Orlando, Florida!

    With special custom-made rubber bracelets being handed out, this even marked the first time that the stars of "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording" in Vicki Spence and Hannah Kashmar were live together for the first time ever! Among the special events taking place this day were the first public demos of "My Little Investigations" and "Welcome to Ponyville!" There was also a quiz show, a Nerf war, and a rave to dance the night away!

    This once in a lifetime event was surely the greatest gathering of the Central Florida Bronies to date! Only question remains is can it be outdone? Only time and money will tell...

    CFB Summer Sun Celebration Nerf War Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf4fN2vM6ZA


    On the 12th of may around 150 bronies gatherd in the center of Utrecht for our 5th dutch meetup. We had many events like a drawing contests, Pubquiz, Fanfic competition, Auction  and even a  Q and A with the living tombstone! It was a great meetup and an awesome turnout! We can’t wait to organize the 6th meetup! More info at www.bronies.nl 

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    I have been organizing a meetup ta The Mall Of Georgia for the past few weeks using the "Atlanta Bronies" Rainbowdash.net group and the "Canterlanta" Facebook group.

    When: Saturday May 26th (Starting at 11:00am or 12:00pm, still working that out)
    Where: The Mall Of Georgia (The mall's website with location, etc.> http://www.simon.com/mall/?id=208 )
    What: Peruse the mall, Hang out, Raid the Toys"r"Us across the street, Grab lunch(or Dinner if it is that late) somewhere in the area (People will need their own food money).

    Below are information/links for people to contact me at for more information:

    My Name: William
    My Rainbowdash.net Name: Nakedpops
    The "Atlanta Bronies" Rainbowdash.net Group: http://www.rainbowdash.net/group/atlantabronies
    Specific meeting place: Mall food court
    Time: 3:30pm-4:00pm We will wait at the food court till about 4-4:15pm then move out.

    Some friends and I are doing a Brony Meetup at Supercon (http://www.floridasupercon.com/) in Miami. Anyone who wishes to attend will have to buy a pass to the convention, but it's great fun regardless! We're unsure of the actual date yet, since we haven't been given it, but we will be at the convention all three days. The event will be for bronies (and curious non-bronies) of all ages. We're planning on hosting a small selection of Pony themed games and having prizes (such as artwork, crafts, blind bags, etc) for the winners. Also worth noting, anyone who RSVPs with me ([email protected]) and shows up will get a free personalized pony badge drawn by yours truly.

    Monterrey, mexico 6th mlp-la meet: https://www.facebook.com/events/229002393872658

    get together to watch men in black in monterrey, mexico: https://www.facebook.com/events/222795977823992/

    and the most important event to check, the BronyMexiCon! an event aimed for all mexico and with skype call with tara strong! more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/239581812814736/ 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff- Aliterative Edition