• Royal Wedding Website Launches

    The Royal Wedding website has launched, and with it a whole plethora of awesome stuff to drool over.  The shoutouts are numbering in the hundreds! (Well, not that bad).

     The press release from a few days ago definitely didn't lie!  They are going all out this time around!  It looks like a few aspects are still under construction, but you can already click around and play a few games, including a Rainbow Dash sidescroller, a Twilight Sparkle party invitation designer (Similiar to the ones we have used already), and a Rarity pony creator (The Facebook game).  They also have a voting thing going on for Applejack's cakes.  

    Head on over and grab the "royal wedding package" for the really awesome stuff.  There are some potential spoilers here, so avoid it if you want to be completely surprised on the day it airs.  The fan shoutouts may be website exclusives, but if we see this in the actual show, I'm sure the entire fandom will explode twice.

    Anyway, find the images after the break!