• Getting the Word Out - A Fan Voice for Lyra

    Poor Bon Bon. So, this has just kind of been sitting here for a while, just waiting for a decent spot to sneak in and be cool. But infinite amounts of pony time later, the video you will see below the break is still sitting at under 1,000 views. This needs to change.

    For a long time, I was a fan of Lyra as a mute. She's never really needed to talk to be the sweetest, bounciest, grinniest and all around bestest pony that ever was. In fact I feared that should she ever speak, it would dilute the magic. Then I heard this. TheRobotButterfly, wherever you are, don't stop doing this.

    This has been another exciting edition of Phoe Takes Up Blog Space To Do Nothing Useful. I hope you'll tune in next time, when we discuss the effect a masked vigilante like Mare-Do-Well has on the mafia families of Ponyville.