• Pre-Mystery On The Friendship Express Streams

    Aww, look at Soarin. He's so cute.

    We have some streams tonight leading up to the episode tomorrow. Check em all out after the break. I have to save my OGame planet! That's a lot of battleships heading my way.

    MLP Forums

    Join us once again for another fun filled night of pony randomness, and be sure to stick around for our live episode stream tomorrow! It all takes place in our official synchtube room, here.

    Midnight Run

    This Saturday we have a MMMstery to solve on the Friendship Express and where here to help you get ready for it. Get ready to work with some of the greatest Detectives in History. (note all times are in Easter standard time)

    So first up to test your eye for detail we have the Anime Case Closed which has some of the toughest cases around. In these DON’T BLINK otherwise you’ll miss the clue to solve the case.

    8pm Case Closed – The Time Bombed Skyscraper

    10pm Case Closed – The Fourteenth Target

    12am Case Closed – The Last Wizard of the Century

    2am Case Closed – CAPTURED in her eyes

    4am Countdown to Heaven

    6am Phantom of Baker Street

    8am Sherlock Holmes

    10:30am -12:00pm – MLP

    12pm – 1pm – PMV requests


    Then Saturday at midnight tune in for Toonami which will run all the way till 6am Sunday. No body wubs you guys as much as we do /)^3^(\



    Another week, another Friday night Mare-athon!

    Same schedule: a marathon of most of season 1, followed by Friendship is Witchcraft, followed by most of season 2. The Aquabats Supershow will be played at 8 PM EST. Closing with the new pony ep, then Oats' Aftershow. All this starting at 9 PM EST at http://bronytv.net. We are still looking for ideas for our Season Finale Preshow. If you have anything you would like to see us do, email us at [email protected] Also, be sure to visit Fillydelphiaradio.net

    Mic the Microphone is doing a speed run gaming marathon TONIGHT! at 6 PM Pacific time to raise awareness for Balloon Party's fundraiser!

    He will Livestream on his page here:

    Yes, again, the donation page is here:

    Yes, again again, the facebook page is here:

    And if they need to know info about joining Balloon Party, submitting tracks, and what they should make, the youtube video is here:

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