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    Secondly: I totally derped and accidentally mooned some stuff that I shouldn't have. I'm really, really sorry. Hopefully tonight will be better!

    The Adventures of Pinkie Pie 

    Some delicious, freshly cooked copypasta for you.

    The Adventures of Pinkie Pie" is a 2D Action Platformer. It's still being worked on heavily, and updates are coming out rapidly. In my mind, when it's finished, it will look and feel like a mash-up of Mario, Sonic, and MapleStory. There will certainly be a story behind it, but it will lack RPG elements that you'd expect it to have, and it will be much more linear than an RPG.

    The current version is 1.3.2 (in the Alpha stage), and that can be played here (NOTE: If the game in that link says 1.3 in the top-right corner, that's not the current version and the actual current version can be played here - this is because the web host takes a long time to update bigger things such as the game).

    It does not require a download, and can be played and embedded on almost any browser. If you'd like information about the game, just look around the website!

    Pony TCG Set

    Got a sweet set of pokemon-inspired pony cards right here.

    Pony Project


    Hello friends! I'm trying to get a fun project going on facebook. It's still in the works, but I'd love some help getting the word out for it. There's a small description on the page, but that's the basic idea of it.  Check it out here!

    Legends of Equestria

    We at Legends of Equestria are happy and excited to announce our 24 hour livestream challenge. Our goal is to try to build the Everfree Forest in 24 hours. This include buildings, plants, NPCs, creatures, and the map layout.

    Everything will be livestreamed on our Livestream channel and during the time you will have a chance to see how our team works to build the game. You will also have the chance to ask questions to our team members during interview slots!

    The event starts at 2PM EST the 14th of April and it will end 2PM the 15th of April. Our main goal is to create a complete set of maps, npcs, creatures, buildings and plants.

    Hope to see you there!

    Legends of Equestria team



    popy casta

    I decided a few weeks ago to design a forum-based text adventure that combines My Little Pony, and the award-winning RPG, Planescape: Torment. As far as crossovers go, I'm fairly confident this one isn't going to come up much. All the text is re-colored in the format from the original game, includes music links for atmospheric value, etc. The choices made in the text adventure also carry over to significant effect(as you'll find out) towards the oncoming chapters. Although it's separated into 4 chapters, the entire saga should meet the Fan-Fiction's word count requirement as a whole. I'll stop rattling my bone-box and let the reading begin. I hope you enjoy. :-)

    Check it out here!

    Equestrian Legends

    Equestrian Legends is a post to play, Friendship is Magic roleplay forum with a mix of slice-of-life stories and dramatic, sitewide plotlines. We have a loose minimum requirement of two paragraphs per post. We are currently accepting original characters and new moderators, along with players for Discord and the Royal Sisters. A marketplace system exists to reward activity, and a variety of original plots and character types are waiting to be launched. Most importantly of all, we would love to meet new players and make new friends!
     Check it out here!

    EGTX EFM Open to the Public

    Previously, the EGTX was only open to EFM club members, but it has been decided that the new series will be open to anypony. The rules have changed slightly this season, and sign up officially opened on Tuesday, and 16 players have already entered, with many more expressing interest. This new season starts on May 25th, and will run weekly every Friday at 9PM BST for ten weeks. The sign up thread can be found HERE. The series is expected to have operational live streams from various drivers too, which I will work on putting HERE.
    Running alongside this series, on a Saturday at 9:15PM BST, we have Equestrian Super GT, which sign up just opened for yesterday. That can be found HERE.
    The official event calendar is HERE, and other unofficial events can be found at everfreegaming.com

    Super Dan World Seeking Help

    Super Dan World is a crossover game between Dan VS and My Little Pony created by Mixermike622, the creator of the GO FAST game and the Dan VS FiM tumblr page. But due to computer problems, he can’t continue developing the game. He’s recruiting help from people to finish it while he’s fixing his computer

    Check it out here!


    The winner of this giveaway will be picked at random, and the winner will be announced on the 21 of April, right after the Finale Premiere.
    All of the information you'd need can be found in the official video.
    Anyone that is subscribed by the 21st of April is ELIGIBLE!

    Other Trading Card Game

    Check it out here!


     Doctor Whooves Adventures Event on Celestia Radio

    This Saturday Celestia Radio is getting a little wibbly with the Doctor Whooves Adventures. Starting at six We'll be airing the first episode Number 12 Part one, immediately followed by the premiere of the  second half of the saga, Number 12 part two, equalling up to well over an hour of Timelord pony goodness! Followed by an interview of the cast and crew about future episodes and events where we'll be taking questions from the chat. Just go to Ponify.me to listen, and keep track of the blog and the Tumblr  for more info. Bring your popcorn, drinks and sonic screwdriver, thing's are going to get Timey Whimey in Equestria.

    Successful Meetups

    DC Meetup

    The DC Bronies successfully wrapped up winter with an epic March meetup.  We kicked off the festivities with our Felt is Magic project.  Everyone contributed to creating a pony-themed felt DC and once the final details are complete we'll be donating it to the Traveling Pony Museum (shh...they don't know yet).  We kicked everyone out of the room in order to set up an egg hunt complete with raffle and easter baskets.  And then we blew everyone's minds with a very accurate (read: very bad) stage show of the Cutie Mark Crusaders show from Showstoppers!  (I'm hoping better pictures or even video get uploaded of this...if so we'll share it in another roundup).  We continued the sing-along with Winter Wrap Up and Smile! Smile! Smile! and then of course watched the CMC's in action.  Diamond Tiara is best J. Jonah Jameson!  We even had some press presence this time around.  Keep your eyes peeled to the Washington Post in the near future!  (More to come on that once it's official.) 
    Chelmsford UK

    Chelmsford is quite a small city and it's not exactly used to big groups bombarding it's shops, so when I had 25 people show up to the meet I organised, not including myself or my sister, I was more than a little shocked.

    There were a few hiccups, like I said, Chelmsford's not exactly used to large groups... But the lovely police officers that spoke to us saw we were harmless, so it all turned out alright in the end!

    All in all, it was a good day, we raised money for charity, we had fun, and we acquired ponies. What could be better?

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    On behalf of the SeaTac Bronies, I'm sending along the details of the hours of pony content planned for this weekend at the Washington State Convention Center.  Join us for tons of activities, contests, stories, prizes, videos, costumes, and of course food.  Also make sure to drop by the Everfree Northwest booth where you can learn about and register for the upcoming convention!

    Here's the link!


    The Johns Hopkins University SciFy-Fantasy Club and Animation Club are hosting our annual JohnCon convention this weekend. This year it's free for all and we want to invite the local brony community to join us. There will be laser tag, panels, artist alley, a dealer's room, Quidditch, cosplaying, video games, board games, card games, and 48 straight hours of anime and sci-fy screenings in two large theaters. (We might run a MLP marathon in one of the theaters) This year the convention will be a bit smaller and more casual, yet free for all. It will start 5pm this Friday the 6th and end on 5pm Sunday the 8th. It will be held in Levering Hall on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in BaltiMARE, MD. 

    Zagreb Meetup

      =Zagreb Bronies are back
    April Mini Meetup on 7th of April, meeting point, Josip Jelačić Square, under the clock, 3.00 PM.

    Rainbowdash Network

    Canadian Brony Group

    We are in the process of creating a facebook group of all of the Canadian bronies province groups admins for organizing larger scale meet-ups and general knowledge.  So far we have BC, Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba.  I'd like to get the word out.  Any help is appreciated.  So, any admins of Brony groups please contact me, and we'll go from there.  Unite the herd!
    Mississippi State University meetup

    Mississippi State has our own little brony club. We've been around for around two months now and we figured its about time to get out name out there. The groups name is Starkquestria and we meet for two hours every week and usually average around 15-20 members at each meeting. 


    They're having their very first meetup! Check them out here!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Hooves Plush
    Brony Pin
    Rainbow Dash Pin
    Pin Shop

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