• Friendship is Magic Takes the Top Place on Netflix + Season Two Added After the Finale!

    Just in case you were all wondering how our little ponies were doing off in the land of streaming video, it looks like they have completely dominated! Friendship is Magic has taken the top slot for most popular TV Show, and third place in the popular picks section.

    I don't think kids programming usually does that well over there.  I guess you guys really were waiting for something other than iTunes!

    Hasbro also released their official announcement on the subject of bringing several Hub shows to Netflix.  It's short, to the point, and doesn't give any real juicy details, but you can check that out here.   

    Update: They do mention that after the season finale, we will be seeing Season 2 of MLP added to the list. 

    Now lets go take over popular picks!  What is this third place nonsense?