• Nightly Roundup #281

    Sitting Lyra edition! Now that I'm back from comic con my starvation induced psychosis, I can get back to doing what I do best: Messing up simple, menial tasks.

    Ponies Invade Newspaper

    Belated april fool's day gag here! Check out all the little pony references hidden around. (and the not-so-little ones!)

    All four pages!

    Podcasts, Vlogs, and Other Pony Related Goodness

    So you think you're a Brony? Season 2 Episode 5

    "Today our guest is Psychedelic Brony, who is, I think, our first musician! We've got our questions ready for him, we answer your guys' questions and give you the next audience question!"
    Link here!
    Interview with Jeff the Strider

    Successful Meetups 

    Leeds Meetup

    The second Leeds Brony Meetup took place on the 31st of March. All in all we had 32 attendees, and more than an entire day of Pony. There was a quiz, games, and singing, we raided more than one place in search of merchandise and had a room in a bar all to ourselves. It was a brilliant experience, and we are hoping to plan more meetups for future months.

    Photo Gallery


    Video (more on channel!)

    March Mare-a-thon

    Wow, they REALLY went out on this one! Check out their stuff.


    Interview with Erica Mendez

    Interview with Rina Chan


    Talking Fluttershy Plushie
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    Smarty Pants Plushie

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