• Bronyville Podcast Live Event Saturday April 28th

    Bronyville is hosting a livestream/skype event tomorrow to celebrate one year of pony podcasts and the finale of season two!  Check out their copy paste below!
    Dear future attendee,
    You and any of your significant others, friends, family, pets, pets of pets and friends pets are invited for a double celebration! With the conclusion of MLP:FiM Season 2 and Bronyville Podcast celebrating it’s first full year in production, we decided to welcome the largest and most vocal guest to our show. That would be the entire Brony community! So join us in justin.tv Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon PST (3 Pm PDT, 7 PM UTC)!

    Where: http://www.justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast
    When: Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon PST.
    How to call in: VIA Skype – During the show call ‘Bronyville’
    Prizes! They include…
    • Copies of the Friendship Express DVD
    • WeLoveFine T-shirt Vouchers
    • Ruckus Reader All Access Subscription ($30 value) (iPad)
    • MLP Toys
    • Bronyville Podcast Buttons
    • Steam Games (Torchlight II preorders, Torchlight, Borderlands GOTY, Garry’s Mod, Lone Survivor, Fireburst)
    Donation Drive: A Bronyville Breakfast!
    • Any donations made until May 6th will go towards funding a catered breakfast to the hard working staff at DHX Media making My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The more money we receive the more awesome of a meal the team will receive! A list of all the donators will be sent to DHX thanking them for an awesome 2 seasons with your name printed on the card. Donations can be made on www.bronyshow.com using the donation link on the right side of the screen!