• Story Updates March 30th (Morning)

    Story updates invading all your monitors and phones.  Not even Gorilla Glass can protect you from these!

    Story: A Renowned Reputation (Update Part 8!)

    [Normal][Shipping] An OC shipped with the mane cast story that actually made it past the pre-readers! That's a rarity to say the least.

    Author: JordanJwoww
    Description: Rarity is confronted with a business deal of a lifetime. However, it requires her to be in Canterlot, which brings back memories from long ago. Now, Rarity must overcome her past to confront her present
    A Renowned Reputation

    Story: The Creature That Came to Ponyville (Update Part 8!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Yes, that image is completely legit, and also a custom pony too!

    Author: Friendly Uncle
    Description: A new darkness has taken root in the Everfree Forest, and ponies are going missing.  Does Fluttershy's new pet hold any answers?  Or is Ponyville, and eventually all of Equestria, doomed?
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville

    Story: Perquisition (Update Part 7)

    [Adventure] OC ponies! Have an Oc pony.

    Author: Diexna
    Description: In an unknown new world filled with mysterious and unexplored dangerous ruins, the story follows Sketch and Kickbolt, two explorers, as they slowly but surely uncover the history explaining what happened in this world. And more importantly, why the pony folk suddenly was brought to it just a little over a century ago.


    Story: League of Discord (Update Story 2 Part 4l!)

    [Crossover] [Adventure]

    Author: Ghosted Note
    Description: A spell goes awry at the Institute of War, and transports six champions to Equestria. The six now seek to return home, but darker forces in Equestria desire their services first.
    League of Discord


    Story: A Night (to Try) to Remember (Update Part 3!)

    [Comedy][Light Shipping]

    Author: zaptiftun
    Description: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It teaches so many life lessons. In this one, Twilight and her friends learn a difficult lesson about partying too hard, and the price that comes with it.

    Stay thirsty, my Bronies.
    A Night (to Try) to Remember


    Story: Caramel's Light (Update Part 9!)


    Author: Squeak
    Description: Caramel can't seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true.
    Caramel's Light

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