• Story Updates February 29th (Evening)

    Just two story updates today! For those reasin Trains, Carriages, and Airships, or the new Price of Grace, check them out below!

    Story: Trains, Carriages and Airships (Update Part 6!)


    Author: John Perry
    Description: If necessity is the mother of all invention, then assumption is the mother of all screw-ups. And there's no worse time to be making assumptions than when you're traveling - especially when what should have been a simple overnight ride turns into a three day trip from hell.
    Trains, Carriages and Airships

    Story: The Price of Grace (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Sparkle

    Celestia and Luna live a carefree childhood at Canterlot Castle, but its end approaches far too quickly. As both of them try to come to grips with their future roles as queens, they find themselves drifting apart; while Celestia is ready to adjust, Luna struggles. Meanwhile, a new evil rises that could drive a wedge between the two for good...
    The Price of Grace