• Smile! Charity Ends at 26,000 Dollars

    Everypony, put on your dancing... uh... horseshoes, because it's Celebration Time! Bronies For Good's charity project, "Smile!", closed it's doors to the tune of $26,000 in one month's time. As you may recall, I was here the other week telling you that the 21k they'd pulled in for the Children's Cancer Association was 'stupid huge', so you can imagine the kind of face I'm making seeing their grand total (hint: it looks like =D). Congratulations to them, congratulations to everypony who donated, and congratulations to the CCA for all of this. Well done! Read all about it here.

    And hey, that amount means that the charity has 9 prizewinners. And if your name is N. Edwards or A. Swaw,  you've totally won something! You should get into contact with broniesforgoodgmail.com to resolve whatever submission derpage there was when you donated and claim those things!

    Just as a reminder,  but Bronies for Good is also gearing up for their next charitable event, the wonderfully named Seeds of Kindness, which aims to partner with the group Your Siblings and fund their goals of producing and emergency clinic in Uganda and a green village in Burundi. Right now, helping out means creating charity incentives. If you make music, work with My Little Remix and get some new pony songs in by February 29. If you're an artist of any kind, go get to work and flood their inbox with art (instead of mine, for a change!). If you've got unredeemed Steam Games or something lying around that others might find cool, donate it so they can be offered as prizes. These are the sorts of things that really put our community in a positive light, so take the chance to make us all proud!