• Mare-A-Thons Tonight!

    It's that time of the week! Have some Mare-A-Thons.

    Bronystate (Schedules and such above): Copy Paste-
    Hello once again fellow Bronies!  It's that time again: Bronystate is having another Brony Movie Night this Friday and Saturday.  Check our flyer above for more information.  Don't forget!  We will also be streaming Saturday's Pony episode live.  Hope to see you there!

    BronyTV : Copy Paste: 
    Another week, another Mare-athon! We will be streaming both seasons and Friendship is Witchcraft, starting at 6:00 EST (http://derpy.me/ESTtimeNow), then we will stream the new episode when it airs. After that, stick around for a repeat stream of the movie streamed on Wednesday (this week, short circuit).
    We have a new countdown below the stream counting the seconds until the new episode. We have also added easter eggs to the site for you to hunt down. (Please resist the urge to cheat or spoil the locations for others).

    Filly will probably do something too! Nothing from them yet though.

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