• Drawfriend Stuff #322

    Sorry about the lack of updates today! It has been pretty busy. 

    Have some really late drawfriend stuff !

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    Scratch is awesome sometimes.

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    1. Seems a bit late today but I'm ok with that!

    2. Yea new phone wallpaper with number 1!

    3. wow #6 is amazing. As are the rest ;3

    4. Some great stuff in this Drawfriend!

    5. #26 Applejack is about to be a Pony Little.

    6. These are AWESOME!! Especially the vinyl scratch one! I really don't get number 18, though.

    7. needs more spike but it still mind blowing

    8. My faves are #1 and #17.

      My piece #22 is actually designed to be a wallpaper…try it out :)

    9. #10, and #12, Scootaloo is epic and cool. I'm still waiting for her episode.

    10. Sauceless drawfriend? But then what will everyone get all flankhurt about?

    11. Man, Luna's gorgeous in that first one..

    12. #22 is too awesome to not be my wallpaper. Correcting this now.

    13. #26 - And then Applejack knew how gravity works.

    14. >"scratch is awesome sometimes"
      > "awesome sometimes"
      > "sometimes"

      So...when did scratch stop being cool all the time?

    15. Hahaha what the hell. Featured on my first upload ever three hours after uploading. I love you, you Trixie-loving (best pony) bastard. (Pic#5)

    16. Completely understandable that things are busy! It's getting crazy around here. o__O

      Anyway, on to pictures.

      5. Haha, Rarity looks so scared. I feel like that'd be an... Interesting ship. Never really read anything with it before.

      12. Epic kicking, heck YEAH! Too bad a good few people might see plot and think 'oh god too much plot.'

      Ahem, sorry. Getting caught up in the spirit of the current battle, heh. Anyway, love the picture.

      18. Hilarious! I was kinda thinking that, too. She looked awful comfy laying across Rainbow's back in the episode. Haha.

      22. Scratch is awesome ALL the time. Just in this case, she's breaking the awesome levels. Go Vinyl!

    17. #4 - Nightmare Moon! Woot!
      #5 - Teehee
      #17 - heh, Derpy...
      #22 - Yes. More. *to seth* SOMETIMES?! BLASPHEMER!
      #28 - This looks like trouble...

    18. @wackypony
      You could say it's a... Rarity...?
      *lowers head* I'll see myself out...

    19. Whoo, more Octavia! And I you don't normally see very much Fluttershy/Rarity (or at least I don't), so that's pretty interesting.

      #3: Twilight just dreamt that all of her books had been stolen...

    20. Drawfriends is pretty good today! Waited in anticipation for a while but it's all good.

    21. y u no have any Fluttershy ones.
      Fluttershy is a god.

    22. y u no have any Fluttershy ones.
      Fluttershy is a god.

    23. All the arguing here has put me in a kinda meh mood today. Bit I'll still comment on a few for fun. Maybe it'll help take my mind off things.

      #2 I really love this adorable art style. Simplistic, bright, colorful. This pic has a really fun theme and working to it too. Night on one side, day on the other. Trixie's and Twilight's little tail accessories also boost this pieces adorable rating up. I think you should draw some more in this style. :)

      #3 This wouldn't happen to be based off the movie, would it? I love that movie! :) I feel bad for poor Twilight though. lol She's in for a tough couple weeks or so. Can't remember exactly how many days he actually relived that day.

      #6 Aww, look at that. Luna and Celestia are making their own little Princess accessories. Little do they know what they shall become later on. ;)

      #8 Wow. That bow is HUGE. It's larger than she is. I'm surprised she doesn't fall over with that on her head. lol Also, so much hair. But I do like how her mane is styled in this. Very pretty. I'm a little on the fence about what looks to be black lipstick, but eh, it kinda works for this. I like the pink band. Gives a nice touch of color to an otherwise all purple outfit.

      #9 Why hello happy excited Spitfire. I love your cute striped socks. Congrats on one thousand followers. :3

      #14 Huh. I thought this one of Zecora was posted in an earlier Drawfriend. Maybe it was her in a very similiar outfit. Either way, I do love the beautiful dressy attire she's sporting here. Just don't let Rarity get too close to it. ;)

      #15 It's a doughnut. She totally see's a random doughnut on the ground. Trying to decide if she want's to swoop in and grab it. lol Sorry. Rather cute. I like this style of shading.

      #16 A food critic you say? I had not considered that particular job for Silverspoon. But it seems like it makes sense and could work. I like it. Also, am I the only one who thinks that sundae looks delicious? Well, you can probably guess what I'm suddenly hungry for.

      #17 Overused, but... I don't know what could have went wrong! :P Love the expression. Lucky for her, she seems somewhat immune to electricity.

      #18 Lmao. Pinkie is one silly pony. Also so adorable. The expressions just make this one.

      #21 Now this is really beautiful. So this is how everything got so colorful. And how Dash got her mane and tail colors. lol

      #22 "Scratch is awesome sometimes." Sometimes, Seth? Try ALL THE TIME! Haha. She just happens to be pushing the level of her epicness to even great bounds here. ;) seriously though, very awesome Vinyl piece for sure. I see this artist also did another previous epic Vinyl image. No wonder it's so great. :)

      #24 This is really pretty. Now I want this outfit. I especially love that mane accessory. I'm sure it has a name, I'm just unfamiliar with it. But the three little pieces attached to it are very cool.

      #25 "Discuss me a record". I really like that line. :) Of course, like most, the first thing that caught my attention in this was Vinyl's glasses. She looks so very sophisticated and intelligent in them. Not to mention really cute, awww. Really love it. :)

    24. #7 Wow! Someone actually drew Silverstar! Awesome.

    25. I can't really pick a favourite this time round.

      I find #25 adorable, nice drawfriend.

    26. #9 Do I even need to say that I love it?

      Great Drawfriend tonight! Excellent work all around.

    27. #26 And thus Applejack began the journey to be considered the pioneer behind the discovery of gravity.

    28. #2 Is based off Groundhog Day (today) Someone should write a fic. Someone get on that..

    29. And now we wait for the live stream....UHG I'm so bored! *scoots away*

    30. @Asylum Someone did, it was about Blueblood and got six stars, I don't remember the name though. It's in the archives.

    31. Ah... Drawfriend. A source of harmless, *fun* controversy. Well, to me at least.

      1) A beautiful, clean style captures this Luna at night. I especially love her shoes, for some reason. And the reddish cast to the moon... good contrast.
      2) Heh... I usually don't care for upright ponies, but these two are pretty adorable. Plus, Smartypants! Great fun
      3) I object! Twilight is already wonderful... she doesn't need to reach any karmic epiphany. But regardless, Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Fun image.
      4) Aw... Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. Derpy. And Nightmare Moon. Really cute, unlikely pairing.
      5) Jumping straight in with the tongue, too? How Fancy. I admit, this is a funny picture.
      6) Their manes are so fluffy! SO FLUFFY!
      7) Er, Pardon. Ah reckon' yer tryin' to sleep.
      8) New Rarity designs are always fun to see.
      9) Socks do make them look more nude... Especially Spitfire, who is most often clothed of all ponies.
      10) Scoot has rarely looked cooler. Or more like she's breaking 88 miles per hour.
      11) Trixie is being reborn by the rain. It washes away her past with a dramatic peel of thunder. Go Trix.
      12) They kick ass in sychronic style. Cool diptych.
      13) Twilight is such a pretty pony when she defies gravity.
      14) Zecora is ready to go clubbing with Rarity! I'd watch the hell out of that episode. Nice portrait.
      15) This is what's known as taking cloud cover.
      16) Aw... I hope she's using her namesake. Think they'll acknowledge any schoolyard crushes for Hearts and Hooves Day?
      17) Derpy is the Best Derpy anywhere. Derpy. Like the lightning here, and of course her expression.
      18) You don't need the line, Pinkie... you've already been picked up, apparently! Fun expressions here too.
      19) Aw... a Very cute image in a lovely style. I really like Celestia.
      20) Wow... really nice colors on this image of a younger (but not too tiny) princess. It's a very original idea... It'd be neat to see more pony ages represented in the show.
      21) More of these vibrantly colored ponies... I love their various reactions in this one.
      22) She never ceases to be awesome on the job, does she?
      23) A really nice, simple Dash portrait. Just unique enough in style to be interesting.
      24) this is a different look for Octavia. It fits her reserved personality.
      25) Heh... I love Scratch in those glasses for some reason.
      26) And thus, Applejack was inspired to write up some theories on gravity. And Rainbow ended up in the hospital in time for this weekend's episode.

      Speaking of this weekend, I'm afraid I've got a short trip ahead of me and so I will be missing the next couple of drawfriends. I don't know if anyone cares, but I had a really nice long string of comments on every single image going back well before the holidays, so I'm kind of bummed. Still, I look forward to checking out the artwork after I get back.

      Thanks to all of the artists for sharing, and to Seth and the gang for putting it all together for us!

    32. #26

      That Vinyl... pure epicness...

    33. @Flutterguy

      The Groundhog's Day pony fic was "The Best Night Ever", featuring Prince Blueblood forced to relive the night of the Gala over and over until he was worth a damn. Well worth a read:


    34. #10: Looks like Scoots is...ridin' the storm out! I've been in a real '70s music mood lately thanks to Michelle Creber herself.

      #25: The Octavia/Vinyl dynamic continues to grow on me. I have a pair of headphones like that. They make the music sound real good.

    35. Hurray for drawfriend! Now I have something to help take my mind of more depressing things going on elsewhere on this site.

      #1, #3, #5, #8, #10, #15, #20, #21, and #22 are all definitely going into my ever growing desktop rotation folder.

    36. 1. Pretty Luna
      4. Night Mare Moon and . What an interresting combo.
      5. Fluttershy does not want.
      8. Oh my, Rarity that is quite an ensemble.
      10. Looks like Scoots caught so big air.
      14. Looking sharp Zecora.
      15. Adorable.
      16. Cute Silver Spoon.
      17. Muwhawhaw. is such a silly pony
      19. Very sweet.
      26. Guess Dash is about to play Newton.

    37. Never knew RD was the one who helped Isaac Newton... Or AJ discover gravity pony physics are best physics

    38. #1: Nice Luna, seemingly halfway between season 1 and season 2 appearance, but it's the moon and clouds that impress me in this drawing.

      #2: Love the simplified, semi-chibi style of this drawing.

      #4: I don't know how appropriate this is for Nightmare Moon, but it's very appropriate for Derpy.

      #6: Great idea for a drawing, and nice details on the princesses.

      #11: This is how I picture Trixie: battered but unbowed.

      #14: I can't shake the feeling I've seen this before, but regardless it's an excellent Zecora drawing, with an impressive outfit.

      #19: Another nice, quiet image of mentor and student.

      #20, #21: Great colors on both of these.

      #26: I can totally see this happening in an episode.

    39. Amazing draw friend, I praise these artists.

    40. @TechnoTrot
      Um. Hm. I suppose I could complain about #3 and #7 showing ponies in bed; would that help? No idea why someone would have a problem with that, but I've seen complaints about it before...

    41. #7 The Sheriff is a pretty bad-ass looking pony, be nice to see some more of him.
      #11 I really like this one, that smug grin is so Trixie.
      #14 Damn Zecora lookin good.
      #22 Explosive record flying awesomeness.

    42. Is #22 a reference to the original TRON radio commercial?


    43. @Ion Storm That's my piece. So…no, though I do see the resemblance. :)

    44. (@ #22) and by sometimes you of course mean all the times

    45. Finally, new wallpaper for me! (#4) #21 came pretty close, though. Very nice drawfriend overall.

    46. 1. Epic Luna is epic. ^.^
      5. I think Fluttershy feels how I do about this. <_>
      14. Aww, Zecora, you look so nice with eye shadow! ;p
      22. ...Is Vinyl Scratch throwing TRON discs at me?

      All awesome work! Everypony rocks! ^.^

    47. Have to say this has to be one of the best drawfriends yet based solely based on number of likes I had to give

    48. Hey. Scratch is awesome ALL the time.

    49. Ah can't agree with yer drawfriend picks, sugarcube.

    50. #15: Aww, that's actually pretty cute.
      #18: PinkieDash! Unfortunately, Dash doesn't seem very happy about it. Ah, well. She'll come around ;)
      #23: Yet another "Rainbow Dash" in mid-air picture. I'm actually having trouble coming up with new names for these pictures. Still, it looks nice.

    51. #14 Of this picture I do approve, but the lack of Zecora sours my mood. Y U NO HAVE MOAR ZECORA IN DRAWFRIENDS?

      *clears throat*

      #11 I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping the FiM team decides to give you another chance...

      #21 Too adorable for words. Colorful, too. Too colorful for words.

      #16 Okay, I admit it. Silver Spoon is highly adorkable in this one. Still dislike her somewhat, though.

      #3 I think Twilight just woke up from the dream (or is it a nightmare?) she was having in #2

      Numerical order? What's that?

    52. very great pics guys, found a few to save ty!