• Season 1 Second Edition Songbooks!

    Hey everybody! Guess what PK has for you today?

    Did you guess a magical potion that can grant you the ability to fly? I bet you didn't. Mostly because I don't have that. No, what I have instead is a songbook with all the lyrics and chords from all the songs from seasons 1 and 2!

    Check out this copypasta under the break.
    "CrayolaBrony here, with new versions of the Season One Songbook and Chordbook! They've been revamped to include character-color-coding, which is easier to read than "[Character name]" before each new-voiced lyric.

    Also, every chord has been checked and FIXED by a fellow music brony, Sketchy Sounds. We have gone through every song and every line, spoken and sung, to make sure of this. While it will probably never be 100% accurate (short of Daniel Ingram himself sitting down with us to help make that certain), it's as close as we can get, as far as Sketchy is concerned.

    Our current projects are the Season Two Songbook and Chordbook. The previously mentioned tab book and chorale book have been postponed until further notice because we do not have the resources or the time to focus on them, and because there is a higher overall demand for song- and chordbooks.

    We hope everyone enjoys the Second Edition songbooks!

    Dropbox Links:
    S1 Songbook 2E: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20604327/S1_Songbook_2E.pdf

    S1 Chordbook 2E:

    GDocs Links:
    S1 Songbook 2E: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B61HpMbElW5aM2FhNzk4M2MtODU2YS00NjQ2LWJmNDktOTA5OGEzMzM5Nzlh

    S1 Chordbook 2E: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B61HpMbElW5aYzZmZTQ5NGMtM2I1Mi00NjdiLWIyZjgtOTYwMTViODI4YTE2"

    Now go make some crazy musics. I know I'm running over to my musical instruments as soon as I'm done.

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