• Comic: Forbidden Books

    This is actually a full 20 page Caramel / Cherry comic, translated into English from Russian.  The reason he is purple, instead of his show counterpart, is actually explained in another comic that hasn't been translated yet! These are just technicalities though. 

    Start here and follow the links in the descriptions, or hit up the list after the break!

    Forbidden books Part 1 "Grand fail"
    Аrt 01 [link]
    Аrt 02 [link]
    Аrt 03 [link]
    Аrt 04 [link]
    Аrt 05 [link]
    Аrt 06 [link]
    Аrt 07 [link]
    Аrt 08 [link]
    Аrt 09 [link]
    Аrt 10 [link]
    Аrt 11 [link]
    Аrt 12 [link]
    Аrt 13 [link]
    Аrt 14 [link]
    Аrt 15 [link]
    Аrt 16 [link]
    Аrt 17 [link]
    Аrt 18 [link]
    Аrt 19 [link]
    Аrt 20 [link]
    Forbidden books Part 2 "Caramel wings" (later)

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