• Nightly Roundup #204

    I resisted making it the drawfriend main image, but I couldn't not make it the roundup image! Trixie totally couldn't do that caliber of magic, but she likes to pretend she can. 

    Have some news!

    Two Everfree Radio Announcements!

    One: Livestreaming BroNYCon

    Hello ponies! EverFree Radio would like to inform you that they will be live streaming at BronyCon! Even if you cannot attend yourself, you can tune in to their live stream and see the sights of the convention yourself, see and hear your favorite artists talk, and get some interesting insight into projects going on around the fandom. Check out the live stream on the day of the convention (January 7th) and they'll be streaming!

    Two:  Top 100 Pony Song Countdown

    Wednesday January  4th 2012 – 8PM GMT

    Hello, it’s Sellyme and ExplodingPonyToast here! We’re proud to announce the official premiere of our Top 100 Pony Songs of 2011 list on Everfree Radio is coming! This has been by far the biggest project either of us has undertaken. Join us at http://www.everfreeradio.com/ on our live stream for over 6 hours of pony music hosted by One-Trick!  WAY more details on the website!

    Russian Pony Dub!

    Apparently they completely butchered this one.

    Someone actually gave me a list of stuff they screwed up! Check it out from one of the Russian bronies:

    • They've removed about 25% of spoken lines without any reason.
    • They've made shitload of mistranslations and errors (further text analysis revealed they were using auto translation tools without even basic quality assurance).
    • They've mistranslated the most of character names.
    • In summary, they've completely ruined MLPFIM experience for Russian kids, including my little sister, which I hoped to show the series to.


    Germany, Switzerland, and Austria Merch Finder

    Someone has set up a pony merch locator for people living over in the countries listed above! Check it out here if you need to buy some pony!

    More Pony Skyrim Shout Mods! 

    A couple more mods for the shouts in Skyrim have been released, check them out below!

    Trollestia (Fire Breath)
    Luna (Time Stop)
    Whirlwind Dash (Rainbow Dash- honestly the only shout I ever used in the game) 

    Sweet and Elite TF2 Map

    Ball rooms, race tracks, and all of the other crazyness. Check it out above!

    Successful Meetups

    Wroclaw, Poland

    Apparently 17 of them hit this one up! Have some links:



    Vancouver BC

    They didn't give me a group shot, but have a video instead!

    Bronies LA 

    Including a pony vector in your group shot is the best way to do these.

    Have a video too!

    And their meetup page.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    WoW Guild

    Call to Hooves: Thunderhorn (Normal-US)

    Guild: Bronies
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Leader: Cteno (Because Cteno is best pony. No contest. No, don't argue).

    Hey everypony!

    Cteno here (Or as you may know me, Sparky Luck D:). Just started a guild (and character) on Thunderhorn (US) and am all on my lonesome at the moment. I'm looking to make it a semi-casual raiding guild that caters to everypony. If you're interested, be sure to hit me up!

    NOLA Meetup

    Where: New Orleans Comic Con
    When: Saturday, January 28th
    Website: http://forums.rainbowdash.com/index.php/topic,53.0.html

    New Orleans Comic Con is right around the corner and the perfect opportunity for us Gulf Coast bronies to get together! Only in its second year, the con is still small and a perfect place to start a yearly brony meet up tradition. If you're going come post on the forum and we can work out the best time and place to meet. Let's make sure our fandom is represented at this haven for geekery!

    Grimdark RP Forum

    Story: Approximately one hundred years ago tears opened and closed in the sky and ground. They spit Equestrians out into a new world: Refuge. The generations that grew up in Refuge are the characters that populate this world. They're all a little strange; as time goes on, I predict we'll see more hybrid OCs, unicorns with bizarre powers, ponies with strange modifications or shadowy pasts...


    Minecraft Server


    Brohoof Facebook Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Gilda Beanie 
    Applejack Pillow

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