• A Tour of Hasbro: Italy, and a Secret Message About Season Two!


    Someone over on MLP Arena recently took a short tour of the Italian Hasbro office.  It has your typical toys and giant pony vectors, along with a flat panel, because those are awesome.  The really interesting part is at the end of his post though. Have a quote: 
    And lastly, i've asked her something was very surprised nobody told me to ask in my previous post.
    But she asked me not to tell it for the moment.

    I will only tell you to keep an eye for episodes 26/27/28 of the second season of FIM.
    And yes, there will be *o** *r** **i* c***a***r*.
    Get your Sherclop Holmes hats on! It's mystery solvin time!

    You can also check out the thread and tour here!

    Thanks to whatshisgame for the heads up

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