• Nightly Roundup #202

    I finished off three steam games today that have all been sitting at near completion since this steam sale began.  It's time to bust out the Assassins Creed!

    But you want pony news don't you? Then have some, after the break!

    Celestia Radio Top 50 Pony Music Countdown Tomorrow! 

    We create a ton of music in this fandom.  Over on Celestia Radio, they want to recognize what, in their opinion, are the 50 best.

    Have some copy paste:
    Tomorrow for New Years Eve, from 2:30-7pm Eastern (7:30-midnight UTC), Celestia Radio will be hosting the Top 50 pony songs countdown, hosted by PonyToast. The countdown is based on votes by bronies, and the voting was really, really close! The list features prominent artists such as BeatleBronies, Ken Ashcorp, Swagberg, PinkiePieSwear, Alex S., The Living Tombstone, WoodenToaster, Griffin Village and many many more. Who will reign supreme? Find out! 
    You can listen in to the stream at http://ponify.me and join in with the IRC New Years Countdown Party on freenode ( http://webchat.freenode.net ) in the #celestiaradio channel!

    December Top Ten Pony Video Voting

    It's that time of the month once again! What was YOUR favorite PMV of the month?  Hit up the video below for more information.

    Brony Tales: The Legend of Hearths Warming

    Another crazy parody thing has started up. Bronytakes took Hearthwarming and made it... Odd!

    Check it out here!

    Antipodes Audio Book

    PK Released  the first two parts of his Antipodes audio book! Have some Copy Paste:

    Hey everyone! PK here. If you read Antipodes, you may be aware that I've been working really, really hard lately on an audiobook.

    And now I can show you the fruits of our labor!

    I hope you all enjoy it! And if you haven't read the story, well, now here's a way to passively absorb it! Don't forget to subscribe, favorite, like, and all that jazz.

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Main Channel

    Otaku Ascended Returns with a New Episode Review

    For those that were around way back in the day, a group called Otaku Asceneded would do lets watches/reviews of various episodes.  They have returned, starting with The Cutie Mark Chronicles.  Check it out below!

    CR Interview Recording

    For those that missed the interview with CR earlier in the day, it has been recorded and tossed up on Youtube.  Check it out here!

    Friendship is Betrayal Act 2 Launches

    For the fans of the Friendship is Betrayal series, the second act has started, focusing on Griffon the Brush-off.

    Check out the comic here!

    Successful Meetups

    Seattle Pony Party

    I'll take 20.  I still need to get a massive wall sized Trixie cut out.

    Check out their writeup here!

    More Pictures!

    Rainbowdash.net Forums

    Apparently they had some tech issues, but they have returned!

    Check it out here.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    South West UK Meetup

    When: January 21st
    Where: Exeter Central Train Station


    Cardboardbox Synchtube

    Primarily a playlist!


    Live Pony Stream

    Dedicated to viewer request and chat!


    Live Pony Gaming Stream

    Pony mods, Music, ect.



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom Pipecleaner Pony Commissions
    Plushie Raffles! 

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here