• Pony RPG Trailer

    All you JRPG fans out there might find something exciting on the horizon.  Another game in in progress dedicated to out favorite ponies.  This specific trailer demonstrates the battle system, and a bit of the wandering around/dialogue.  So far it's pretty solid!

    Check the video and the rough draft story summary after the break!


    Once upon a time in the land of Equestria... All seemed well on the outside, save for a few unpleasant Parasprite infestations cropping up here and there. But within the walls of Canterlot Castle, it was anything but pleasant. Just days before, the royal sisters received their usual bags of fan mail from their adoring subjects. The younger of the two sisters, Luna, received a little extra in the form of a small brown box, and inside an oddly colored purple jewel hanging from a string; the box was signed "a fan". Shortly thereafter, Luna began acting strange; She would neither eat nor sleep. She wouldn't even talk to her sister. A day later, she suddenly disappears from the castle without so much of a clop of her hoof on the castle's stone floor. Her elder sister, Princess Celestia, fears the worst and summons the wielders of the Elements of Harmony to her side to aid her in bringing Luna back to the castle... That is, if they can find her... What happened to Princess Luna? Is there a chance that Nightmare Moon could return once more, and what role does the jewel that Luna now wears around her neck play?