• The Brony Show Episode 33 - CoffeeGrunt

    Another week, another episode! Check the information out after the break!

    Season’s Greetings everypony! The holidays are coming to an end but The Brony Show still has plenty of ammo for its party canon! Circuit, Hyper, D-pad, and Fox are ready to bring you the fun with a wonderful interview with CoffeeGrunt, writer of the fanfic Allegrezza. We hope you have your life preservers ready for this much shipping! Along with that we'll be turning back to a classic season 1 episode for commentary, as well as plenty of fun news and wild videos; all with the random life fun of The Brony Show! Be sure to check us out this Monday at 6PM PST over at http://www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    If you're eager for pony earlier, you can also tune in to our preshow an hour early and enjoy some sweet pony music and random banter! And if it's still not enough, well get ready for that special gift hidden under the tree as CrimsontheWolf brings the Oatmeal Galore Aftershow to give you enough pony to keep you sated ‘till next year! Hope you can join us.
    Also, The Brony Show art contest is still going on for another week. What do we want? We want wet mane pictures. They can be of the mane cast, the crew of The Brony Show, or something completely different! (I haven’t seen a wet-mane Seth yet..) All we ask is that it be new art. And in this contest we have some awesome prizes:
    1st place: a steam game of your choice that is $60 or less.
    2nd and 3rd both get a pony badge and a code for the Humble Bundle that is out right now which includes several amazing indie games, including Cave Story+, Super Meat Boy, and Jamestown to start.
    All you need to do to enter is create the art, whether drawn, vectored, painted, or whatever else you got and email it to [email protected] before January 2nd, and you are entered. We will be showing all the pieces and letting our viewers vote on them live.
    TL;DR: Check us out here: http://www.livestream.com/thebronyshow on Mondays, 6PM PST."

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