• Nightly Roundup #191

    When she's disgruntled, she's twice as cute.

    Have some news.

    Fanfiction Poll Results

    A few nights ago I posted up a fanfic poll, these are the results!

    I see you forgot to include Ballad of Twilight Sparkle. I guess it would have skewed the results some, so I can't blame you.

    Vanacast: Hearth's Warming Eve

    More Let's watch! Charge.

    Favorite Episode Survey

    Time for another poll thing! Take it here!

    The Equestrian Anthem Sheet Music + Chrods for Piano

    Or Heart Carol, but Daniel Ingram totally called it an anthem, so I'm rolling with that!

    Piano Sheets


    Small Town Brony Movement Round 3!

    Pony posters... EVERYWHERE!

    Pony Recipe Blog

    Just in time for the holiday baking season, a pony recipe blog has popped up! Head on over to this page for all sorts of pony related cookies and cakes.

    Successful Meetups

    Wroclaw, Poland

    That looks... cold. Apparently 46 of them hit this one up! That's really impressive considering all of their pony came from the internet until recently.

    Have a video.

    And a writeup. (In Polish!)


    Copy Paste:
    We hosted another brony meetup in Finland last Saturday. This was the fourth meetup in Helsinki and the biggest yet in Finland: there was a whopping 102 attendees from all over the country. We watched the live streaming of the newest episode of FiM, held a pony themed quiz, there was lots of drawing, a few people painted custom ponies and most importantly everyone had a great time and met lots and lots of new friends.


    A smaller one! Also looks cold.  Have some links:

    Meetup Page


    Copy Paste:

    Singapore had its biggest brony meetup last Sunday, 18th December 2011, with around 35 attendances.

    A great day of fun and friendship beginning with a gathering down at Vivo City in the morning before starting our activities, which include hunting for Pony merchandise, for those who had reached there earlier, at Toy"R"Us for Christmas. (Yea, it's one of the few places in Singapore that actually sells My Little Pony figurines and stuffs) and chit-chat session among one another.
    Once everyone had reached the location we all proceeded up to the Sky park for some relaxing, viewing of the new episode, and went to watch Sherlock Holmes at our local cinema, Golden Village.
    We then proceed to have an awesome dinner down at the nearby food court before calling it a day.

    As compared to some of our previous meetup, this was indeed our most successful meetup yet! Further meetup had been planned for the next few months as well.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Brisbane, Australia Meetup
    Where: Southbank Parklands
    When: Monday 9th January, 11:00am
    Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/135820043195298/

    CoD Elite Clan

    Console: Xbox

    Clan Name: MLP: FiM

    Current Member Count: 39

    Clan Leader: o Fluttershy o

    Realm of Empires Guild

    Name: Equestria

    Send an email to [email protected] to join!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Trixie Beanie Plush