• Story Updates December 19th (Morning)

    I cancelled my Old Republic pre-order today.   Playing to level 16 in the early access just didn't grab me.  I guess it's time to wait it out for Guild Wars 2!

    But enough about my choice in MMO's! Have some story updates.  Lots of 6 star tonight.  I really should get to reading Tales of the Winter Magic Academy.  Just need some Twixie...

    Story: Tales of the Winter Magic Academy (Update Part 14!) 

    6 Star

    [Adventure][Slice of Life]

    Author: Storytayler
    Description: Twilight and eight fellow unicorns from Ponyville enroll at Princess Luna's revived school for advanced magic studies. Best known as the Winter Magic Academy, the establishment is located on an ancient island of mysterious history since Luna's banishment over 1000 years ago. While the ponies think they're in for simply a semester of intensive magic studies, they will encounter much more than they initially expect through personal struggles and mysterious misadventures.
    Tales of the Winter Magic Academy

    Story: It Takes a Village (Update Chapter 15) 

    6 Star

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Author: determamfidd
    Description: Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help...
    It Takes a Village

    Story: A Renowned Reputation (Update Part 6!) 

    3 Star

    [Normal][Shipping] An OC shipped with the mane cast story that actually made it past the pre-readers! That's a rarity to say the least.

    Author: JordanJwoww
    Description: Rarity is confronted with a business deal of a lifetime. However, it requires her to be in Canterlot, which brings back memories from long ago. Now, Rarity must overcome her past to confront her present
    A Renowned Reputation

    Story: The Virtuous Sister (Update Part 3!) 

     5 Star


    Author: Some1Else
    Description: While Celestia is away overseeing the development of a new settlement, Luna receives a letter requesting Celesta's presence at the Ponyville hospital. Though she lacks an official decree that all her powers as a princess have been restored, Luna decides to take matters into her own hooves and investigate the issue without sending word to her sister. She quickly becomes involved in a battle against an ancient evil creature, a member of Celestia's personal council, and a certain misguided pony all while trying to adhere to the eight virtues.
    The Virtuous Sister

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