• Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    I'm sure a ton of you have heard about SOPA.  It is pretty much taking over every single major website on the internet (and my email box, holy Celestia!).

    I usually avoid political issues, but as a website owner, I think it's an obligation to help fight this.  Have some information: 

    What is it? 

    1.)------- SOPA Will be used to block websites that have any link at all to any type of copyright content.   The ip address will straight up be unavailable and blacklisted. This isn't limited to the actual site creator though.  If someone throws a link to a piece of pirated material in the comments section of a post on EQD for example, it gives the government the ability to add it to the list of "rogue websites".  A pony PMV would be grounds for shutdown.

    2.)------- Streaming copywritten work will now be a felony.  Things like "let's play Minecraft" or anything at all involving music in the background that isn't free use will suddenly come with the chance at jailtime.  Though these are already technically illegal, the punishment will be vastly increased.

    Who will it affect?

    Pretty much every website on the internet will be effected by this in some way.  Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, EQD, they will all be 100% liable for what their users post.  The current system works off of take down notices and reports.  SOPA will just straight up block the IP address

    What can you do about it? 

    The massive outcry against this bill on internet has hopefully influenced it's demise somewhat, but
    you can help by tossing your two cents.  Hit up this website and fill out the submission form.  Read up on it, and spread the word.  The internet IS freedom . Anyone can speak their mind to the masses.  Get out there and make it known!

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