• Nightly Roundup #162

    Tank for best pet.   Though I still really liked that Falcon...

    Have some news!

    Multi-Language Cupcakes Compilation

    It's pretty interesting to see other languages take a crack at the pony songs, even if they do sometimes swap genders on us.

    Philippines Meetup

    It's a smaller one, but at least our world domination continues!

    Ponified Christmas Tree

    People set up trees this early? Crazy!

    WNY Brony Meetup

    Another smaller one! Laser tag makes up for it though.

    Kazkapress Brony Anthology Project

    The group over at Kzkapress is currently compiling pony stories for an anthology project. Apparently, accepted ones will be receiving 20 bucks each! Not bad! their goal is to create a print version of it.

    Check the page out here for more information.

    German Holday Pony Magazine

    Pinkie Pie! What happened to your eye?! Another magazine has been released over in Germany. Nothing too groundbreaking here, but at least they are doing well enough to create more!

    Thanks to TheRike for the images!

    Brony Game Awards

    Have some Copy Paste:

    the friendship brigade will be hosting the first ever Brony Game Awards (BGA). These awards will be all about the MLP FIM community, so we are letting the community vote for which games are the best. Right now we are just asking for games that every one thinks should be on the ballet. Once there are enough nominations we will begin the voting. There will also be a live stream event early January that will announce the winners


    Pony Pokemon Trading Card Game Set Four

    Round four of the pokemon ponycard deck is out, check it here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    MW3 Groups

    (360) Lunar Republic - Website

    Northwestern University Brony Group


    Puyallup Public Library Meetup (Washington State)

    When: November 30

    Puyallup Public Library
    324 So. Meridian
    Puyallup, WA 98371
    Phone (if needed): 253-841-5454
    Email (if needed): www.puyalluplibrary.org


    [email protected] - [email protected] Team

    More bronies improving the world! Have some Copy Paste:

    "What is [email protected]?
    [email protected] is the largest worldwide distributed computing project that assists in understanding what protein folding and misfolding is, and how they can lead to some of todays most well known diseases and cancers. It works by running a program that simulates a small stage of protein assembly. And now, our very first poni folding team is up for recruitment!"
    Check it out here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Dash Plush
    Derpy Pillow
    Tiny Derpy
    Derpy Plush
    Pony Keychains
    Pinkie Plush
    Pony Hats

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