• Music: SoGreatandPowerful - Pinkie Pie Swear / Incurable

    We have some Pinkie Pie Swear this time around, starring the one and only Pinkie Pie.

    And a symphonic thing, make sure to read the blurb about it after the break!

    1.) SoGreatandPowerful - Pinkie Pie Swear
    2.) Incurable

    This one actually comes with a story to go with it, copy paste time:
    A little something...dark about cutie pox. It tells the tale of a pony from back in the Paleopony period getting cutie pox, when the disease was still considered incurable, charting their initial elation at getting a cutie mark, followed by the subsequent fear as they keep getting more cutie marks. Eventually the plague has to be stopped...by any means necessary

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