• Epic Rap Battles of Pony: Needs Female Rappers

    The other day I got to listen to a live demo of this one. It literally is Epic Rap Battles of History, with pony.   The entire project is pretty much complete, but for the sake of not giving Twilight and Trixie male voices (even if mic did it amazingly well during the live demo, that dude nailed it), they need female rappers.   Yah, that's kinda rare. 

    Have some copy paste after the break from Mic about the requirements!

    "Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts! Mic The Microphone here with some exciting news!

    I've just finished writing and ironing out the first installment of my new project: EPIC PONY RAP BATTLES OF EQUESTRIA (Thanks to Desert Rein and all the folks at the Canterlot.net forums for the idea for the name!). The first Battle to be posted: Twilight Sparkle VS The Great and Powerful Trixie! I've got the rap written, the beat made, but I've hit one major snag: I LACK VOICE ACTORS.

    Specifically, I need voice actors for Twilight Sparkle and Trixie. Even with my vocal range, I lack the.... Skill.... to portray female voices that don't sound like chain-smoking diner waitresses fresh out of a 60's Detective Noir Film. As such, I NEED VOICE ACTORS FOR THIS RAP BATTLE.


    1) Decent Mic Quality: This I can work around if you're especially talented, but I'm looking for people with half decent mics so the quality matches between character switches.

    2) Rap Ability: I'm VERY picky about this. I don't need you to be able to rap fast, per se, but I DO need you to have a good concept of flow and timing. I'll also need you to be able to mimic the style and flow of this rap EXACTLY as I do. I'll be more than happy to teach some of the tricks I use, so don't fret. I will work with you!

    3) Reliable and Quick Output: I work at an abnormally fast pace, so much so that my parents and teachers often worry about me. It's kind of.... Shocking. At any rate, I'd need to be in contact with you on a very frequent basis in order to track your progress and make sure you're doing alright while not taking too long to get things done ^^;. This just means I'd need to have you on skype or a messenger.

    4) Repeat Availability: I'm not gonna lie. Reliable, talented female voice actors are hard for me to come by. If I like your voice, I will more than likely ask for you to return for future Epic Pony Rap Battles. IF you are chosen (Though this is NOT mandatory), I'd like to ask to keep you on staff as a performer in case I need you again in the future. 

    Final Note: To all Male Voice Actors, Im sorry, but I DO NOT NEED MALE VOICE ACTORS FOR THE MALE CHARACTERS. I'm somewhat confident in my ability to do most, if not all of the male characters I plan to use in match ups. In the event I DO need a male voice actor, chances are I've already got one lined up for use, so unless you can do one of the girl's voices from the show, male voice actors are not needed.

    If you are interested in participating, please send me an E-Mail with your Skype or preferred messenger contact and a vocal audition at: [email protected]. I look forward to your auditions!

    -Mic The Microphone"

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