• Nightly Roundup #146

    New episode tomorrow! It's about freakin time.  These two week breaks are killing me! It feels like Luna Eclipsed was forever ago.

    Have some news.

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More


    Game:MMORPG MU
    Server:DCKGamers Mu
    Contact: [email protected]Guild:BroniePie

    German Pony Forum

    Pegasisters Version

    Brony Version

    (Seth note: I still say everyone is a brony!)

    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    Yep! another one.  Check it out here

     WoW Guild

    Name: Solar Empire
    Server: Ysondre
    Faction: Alliance


    ŁódĽ - in Poland Meetup

    More than 25 at this one.

    For being a fandom built around rainbow ponies, we sure do look normal.

    For those over in poland, check out their facebook page here!

    "Verde" School Newspaper Pony Article

    They seem to be happening pretty much everywhere now. Check it out here!

    Equestria Online Seeks Concept Artists and Voice Actors

    The pony MMORPG Equestria Online is seeking some more assistance! Hit up the copy paste below for more information.
    About Voice Acting:
    The second voice acting auditions have opened.  Happy auditioning!  For more information, go to:

    Forum post

    About Concept Art:
    If you have a talent for art, and have some free time on your hands, e-mail me at [email protected] or add my skype: annoying.tangerine. You can also PM on these forums.
    I require you to show me examples of your work as well as a brief explanation of why you'd like to join the team.

    Forum post

    Actual School News Ponified

    Looks like we are evolving past newspapers! Sorry guys!

    Pony Calaverita Up For Winning

    Another tee-shirt competition is under way, with a pony shirt up for grabs.  Check it out here if you want to help it win!

    Pony Community Toy Drive: Operation Sharing Kindness

    Another charity drive is underway! Hit up the copypaste below if you want to help.

    Pony Community Toy Drive: Operation Sharing Kindness

    Hi, I'm Moony and I'd like to share with you a nice project that we might be able to share lots of kindness through!  Although the holiday season is still some ways away, I have been working on organizing a toy drive for the entire pony community.   It's called Operation Sharing Kindness... and while it's not quite completed yet, you can take a look at just what it is about at:

    The Operation has already secured a one thousand dollar grant and I've been planning it since June!  Keep your eyes open, although the project is not quite underway yet, it is going to be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to share a little kindness! 

    Thank you for your time and interest! 

    ~ Moony

    Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit Project Seeking Singers

    We need to do some massive casting call for talented vocalists in this community or something! These projects have to happen.

    Have a video:

    MIT Halloween Meetup

    Apparently Brony has spread all the way to MIT. I wish I was that smart...

    Everfree Radio "My Little Dashie" Review

    Everfree Radio is at it again, with a review of My Little Dashie. Check it out here!

    What the Pony Drinking Game Looks Like Fully Printed Out

    That is pretty crazy! Too bad I don't drink!

    Check out the game here if you want a set of your own.

    5 Minute Pony Presentation

    Another presentation in front of a class full of neighsayers! Check it out below.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Applejack Plushie
    Trixie Plushie
    Plushie Commissions
    Subtle WWU Hoodie/Shirt
    Lyra Bag

    Trixie Brushes her Mane for 10 minutes

    It's hypnotic or something.

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