• Nightly Roundup #138

    Rarity hasn't had an edition in at least 3 weeks.  Too bad shes about to get clobbers by Opal.

    Have some news before it happens!

    New banner by: Tobibrocki

    Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Malaysian Brony Meetup

    When: November 20th, 12:00 noon

    Where: Sunway Pyramid


    Southern England Brony Group


    Xbox Live Pony Clan


    Midwest Bronies Facebook Group


    University of Michigan Brony Group


    Shadocon Brony Panel

    Where: Tampa, Florida

    When: Saturday, November 12th at 1:00 PM


    Origin of Starswirl the Bearded

    Someone on Ponygoons came up with this one:

    Starswirl the bearded.
    father of the amniomorphic spell.
    a bearded wizard that shapes bowls
    a hairy potter"

    Oh Twilight Sparkle, you so silly.

    Transforming Pony Glasses

    Just in case you guys are trying to keep your pony obsessions a secret for whatever reason (lol Cereal) These glasses are sure to help out, while still filling your room with pony paraphernalia.

    Northen California Brony Meetup Writeup

    Another meetup recently went down in California.  It looks like a success! Check out the video and writeup for all the juicy details. 

    Karzahnii Interview: Artist of the Week #1
    Dr. Henry Killinger is planning to do weekly interviews of various artists/musicians/authors in the fandom.  His "pilot" episode is with none other than Karzahnii on Deviant Art.  Check out the copy paste below!

    "Greetings pony fans! My name is Gendid (Also known as Dr. Henry Killinger here, and as Rarity on PF2), and I'm proud to present to you today the very first Artist of the Week! Over the coming months, I plan to highlight members of our community that have given us so much joy and inspiration over the past year! But enough of my plans, let's get to the good stuff! This week's featured artist is named Karzahnii, the creator of the Super Smash Ponies comic! You can find his work here! Karzahnii was also kind enough to provide an interview for the readers of Equestria Daily! Find the download of the interview here. Stay tuned next Sunday for another exiting edition of Artist of the Week! Also, if you know or are an artist who would like to be Artist of the Week, please contact me at [email protected]!"

    And with that, I'll see you next week, with artist #2, Arcanus Nox/JunkiesNewb/whateverthehellnamehe'sonnow.

    Luna Eclipsed Tops the Entertainment Section on Youtube

    Get owned Minecraft "Let's Play" #36506

    Pony Desktop Icons Round 3

    Just a few days after the second set released, another group is rollin in with more pony to fill your desktop with.  Check them out here!

    The artist is also looking for suggestions on different programs, drop those in the comment section of the Deviant Art page.

    Radio Free Equestria Episode 3

    The guys over at Radio Free Equestria have released their third episode.  Hit up the youtube embed below to watch it!

    Retro Apple II Pony Game Coding Contest

    Have some Copypaste:

    The rules are as follows:

    You are to create a MLP:FiM game for Apple II (it may require the Apple IIe, but it MAY NOT require the Apple IIgs), using whatever programming tools you wish. It may be coded from scratch or a ROMhack of an existing Apple II game. You can develop on actual hardware, or using solely emulators.

    The game should be presented as if it were an actual commercial game, released circa 1984 through 1989. The more authentic the 1980s gaming experience, the better. (I'm thinking fake "CRACKED BY RAINB0WDASHER" loading screens, "COPYRIGHT (C) 1982, 1983 HABSRO INC" verbiage, etc.) The game should be submitted as a disk image loadable on an Apple II/IIe emulator.

    The deadline for submission is January 5, 2012 (two days before BroNYCon January 2012).

    The winner of this contest will receive the Apple IIe demonstrated in this video by Purple Tinker and members of her staff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azzTH0slrFA

    They will also receive two (2) Disk ][ disk drives for said Apple IIe.

    They will also have a copy of their game, along with the emulator necessary to play it, sent to Lauren Faust as a gift. She is, after all, a child of the 1980s!

    Let the retro coding begin!

    In the spirit of friendship,

    Purple Tinker

    Another Lets Watch Series Looking for More Viewers

    A new channel for Lets Watch videos has popped up.  Check it out here.

    UGA Brony Survey Looking for Participants

    A student at UGA is looking for people to help with a project for Strategic Visual Thinking class. If you are interested in tossing your two cents into the mix, fill out the survey below.


    Ebay/Merch Stuff

    Hand Painted Show Accurate 3D Printer Fluttershy
    Shadowbolts Rainbow Dash Pillow
    Derpy Hooves Scarf
    Pony Crochet Hats
    Luna Plushie
    Another Luna Plushie!  
    Crochet Rainbow Dash