• The Brony Show #24: Two Day Live Showing

    The Brony Show is doing a two part showing starting today.  Check out the copy paste below.
    "The Brony Show 24 Part 1 and 2
    Hey everypony! We're coming to you again with another great 2 part episode of The Brony Show because there's too much pony to be contained into one day. Our incredible host Circuit Mane is back fresh from Anime Banzai and will be talking about his experiences as well as commenting on the new Luna episode and playing some fun and hilarious PMV's I hope you're ready to laugh your plot off! And in Part 2 on Monday the co-hosts Hypermark, D-Pad, and FoxTrot will be sitting down with Valcron, the creator of Octavia: Slices of Life and giving a wonderful interview with him and his incredible work. Along with that they will be doing an awesome commentary on Episode 22 of Season 1 and whatever they come up with. Be very intrigued, and afraid! I hope you can make it to either part. They're both at 6PM PST - 9PM EST on both Today and Monday! Check it out at http://thebronyshow.net and enjoy the fun!

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