• Week Two National Pony Writing Month Pep Talk

    Are you feeling burnt out from SO MUCH PONY!?

    Siraj has some words for you. Word just BLEEDING with motivation.  You can find them after the break.

       Hello my little writers, Siraj/Noble Cause here! It's the end of week 2! How's everything going, hmm? I bet a few of you have hit writer's block, others have caught their stride, and others are wondering where they can expand on sections.  I know the feeling(s), believe me.

         Word count, as of today, should be in the range of 23,350 if you're looking to keep pace.  I know Avery Strange in the comments last week was barreling towards 22 K at that point, but he's insane and prolific.  That's how the writerly drive takes some of us.  Me? I've put in maybe a thousand words since last week.  Real life decided to make me one unhappy filly with pesky job hunting and things like that.  That being said, that's just fine too.  There's participants that are gunning for 10 K, some that are hoping for 100 K.  This is all meant for fun anyway, and I hope it's staying that way.  If it's fast becoming a CHORE to write? Back off.  No, I mean it.  Don't worry about the word count.  Don't worry about the days remaining.  If you're not enjoying what you're doing, then take a break.  Go outside, play some golf, hit the arcade, fire up Steam or a game console.  Don't be shy about taking a breather if you're just slogging through just to make the word count.  That's not the point of this, and it never has been.

         Now that that's out of the way, time for another mini-faq, since I've gotten a few more queries.

    Q. What about season 2 coming up? Won't that destroy my work?
    A. Potentially, but so what? This is YOUR fanon, started before the second season did.  If the new canon works for you, and even gives you an idea on how to proceed, that's fine.  If it doesn't, then it's canon discontinuity.  We are working on developing 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' tags for fic, if that's any consolation.

    Q. Won't new pony cut into our writing time?
    A. Sure, but doesn't everything? Moderation, everypony, that's the key.  Me? I plan to watch the new episode twice.  Once on the Hub itself (hay, when you have a 100" projector screen, you make use of it), and likely once later the same day when the episode pops up on Youtube.  No need to get burnt out on new pony either.  Enjoy the episode, sketch down a few ideas during the commercials/pause breaks if they come to you, and resume your bliss.

    Q. Can I start on this late?
    A. I caught this question in the comments last week, and frankly? Yes! You can do this any time you desire.  This was just going to be a bit of fun for the EqD writerly types, or those that were looking for a reason to give writing a try.  When I get bit by the writer bug and get an idea that may (read: won't, but it'll still have a decent word count) result in something akin to a NaNo, I just go for it.  One free app I've picked up on my ipod is WriMoDemon.  Likely, there's an Android version as well.  It keeps track of word count, can reset at the beginning of a new month if you desire, and you can even set the word count beyond the traditional 50 K if the mood strikes you.

         That's all for now.  Any questions, ask in the comments, and I'll be happy to reply there!

         - Siraj/Noble Cause

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