• Nightly Roundup #97

    Lyra and Bonbon Edition! I'm not sure how Lyra can stand Bonbon though based on the two scenes she had in season one.  Lyra deserves better!

    Anyway, have some news.

    Fighting is Magic Looking for Applejack Voice Actor

    If you can pull off an Applejack southern accent, the guys over at Fighting is Magic need someone to do voiceovers for her. Go help them! I want to play this game already!

    Light and Dark Pony RPG Battle Test

    Another stream of the Light and Dark pony RPG has been posted. Check it out here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More!

    Australian Steam Group

     Colorado Statewide Brony Group

    Facebook Group
    Website (Under Construction)

    Atlanta Georgia Meetup (See Poster)

    Atlanta Georgia Meetup
    Ottawa Brony Meetup

    "Ottawa Bronies(Pony Up! in the nations capital!) are having their first meet, details can be found at http://rainbowdash.net/group/ottawabronies or  http://rainbowdash.net/notice/492427 for the specific post"

    Ragnarok Online Guild

    Name: New Lunar Republic
    Server: Maia-RO
    Contact: Calmai/Faolain
    Alternative contact email: [email protected]
    Alternative form of contact deviantart: malrai
    Hoping to WoE and start up Endless Tower runs and do MVPs eventually.

    Meetup Reports

    Malmö Brony Meetup


    It looks... delicious.  Bronycon better have cake!

    Hardon Lewdad Dramatic Reading

    Some crazy parody of Arddun Lleuad popped up. For those that enjoyed the less-controversial-than-I-thought LunaxHuman shipping fic, check it out below!

    Pony Toys in Colombia

    That's a new one. Looks like ponies are showing up in Colombia. Sadly they were unpriced, but at least they are available.

    Swedish Brony Poster Takeover

    A bunch of Swedish bronies are posting these all over the place. Apparently they link to EQD! Hopefully I don't scare anyone away... I'll have to keep the saucy down for a few days.

    The Nerd Signal Posts a Pony Report

    A website called "The Nerd Signal" recently posted an article on pony. Pretty neat!

    Project to Animate FiM in Gmod

    Some crazy brony is planning to animate all of Season one in GMOD. I'm pretty sure hes going to lose his mind, but if you want to toss him some love, hit up the channel for it.

    Friendship is Betrayal Comic Project

    Not to be outdone by the brony above doing everything in GMOD, someone else plans to convert the series into a grimdark comic. For those that are into that, go check it out!

    Friday MLP Online Livestream

    On Friday at 9:00 PM Eastern, MLP Online is going to be doing a live demonstration. Apparently they have some other huge news to announce too. Hopefully it will be hitting beta soon or something!

    MAD Magazine Mentions Ponies

    I didn't know MAD still existed! 

    MLP 1-Up Game

    Based on the ridiculously popular My Little 1-Up Video, a new game is in progress.  Right now he has the start screen and character select completed.  Hopefully this completes soon! I'd play the hell out of anything based on that PMV. 

    That Guy With The Glasses Reviews MLP

    Apparently these guys are crazy popular, because my poor inbox has been slammed with news about this pretty much all day.  A new series has been set up to review all things pony.  Right now it seems to primarily focus on G1, but hopefully later on we will see some of the new stuff. Find it here!

    Flankbook Techno Livestreams

    Someone from Flankbook posing as Scratch is doing daily live stream events.  If you like techno, check out the page for it!

    Not Even Calculators are Safe From Shipping

    At least it's not Rainbow Dash!

    So You Think You're a Brony Episode Two

    The second installment of So You Think You're a Brony has released, check it out here!

    Applejack/Rarity Ringtones

    More ringtones from the person that brought us the Fluttershy one a few days ago, check them out below!


    Merch/Ebay StuffKeychains, Sculptures, and more.
    Custom Pony Shirts
    Ridiculously Cute Luna/Celestia Filly Clay Ponies + More

    Equestria Daily News

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