• Story Updates: September 27 - Morning Edition

    I tried to sneak a few updates out while at BroNYCon, but wifi was a bit limited.   Since many of you asked me not to flood you with updates, I will be releasing the updates in 2 waves.

    Have some after the break!

    Story: Growing Pains (Update Chapter 19!)


    Author: Peroth
    Description:Twilight Sparkle's horn begins to hurt one morning, and after an exhausting trip to the doctor she finds herself and her friends whisked away on an adventure whose success can decide the fate of Equestria. Contains OC Pony Villians.
    Growing Pains

    Story: Equestria Hockey League (Update Part 13!)


    Author: XFizzle
    Description: Spending most of her time studying indoors through the winter season, Twilight Sparkle is given an assignment by Princess Celestia: to form and lead Ponyville's new EHL team, the Ponyville Golden Leafs. Twilight and company hit the rink to learn about hockey and to begin their journey towards the Celestia Cup.
    Equestria Hockey League

    Story: Blazing Glory (Update Part 16)


    Author: The Lord Of Dust
    Description: Foreign missionary ponies: an old preacher, a scarred Pegasus, a cocky Earth pony, and a cybernetic mare come to Equestria. Threatened, Celestia is taken over by her inner demons. The land is plummeted into a chaos. Can these ponies bring the light back into this darkened nightmare?
    Blazing Glory

    Story: The Sun's Song (Update Chapters 18!)


    Author: Recamen
    Description: A warning sounds through Canterlot--an undead sorceress, a lich, unknown in Equestria for centuries, has arisen. Now, Princess Luna and a rather famous band of six ponies must band together to defeat the evil spirit. Luna will need her newfound friends as much as they do her, because should they fail...
    The Sun's Song

    Story: The Vagabond (Update Story 3: Elements of Equestria Part 4!)

    [Adventure][Normal] Story 3

    Author: Truthseeker
    Description: Valiant has gone off on his own. An ancient evil has awakened on the far side of Equestria, nearby Valiant's destination, and threatens to devour him: body, mind, and soul. Can the combined might of the Elements of Equestria get to him in time, or will he succomb to the bitter darkness which never had a chance to heal.
    The Elements of Equestria

    Story: Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying (Update Part 4!)

    [Shipping] It's labeled shipping, but isn't really that shippy!

    Author: l0x0r
    Description: Twilight Sparkle had noticed that the letters from Princess Celestia have changed in tone recently. She travels to Canterlot to find out why, and discovers a sympathetic Princess Luna.
    Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

    Story: Pony Effect (Update Part Intermission 2!)


    Description: What if ponies replaced humans in the Mass Effect universe? Will Commander Sparkle save the day like Shepard did?
    Pony Effect

    Story: Near Death Experience (Update Part 13!)


    Description: A horrible accident lands a pony on the crossroads between life and death. Can she bargain with the pony of Death to get her life back?
    Near Death Experience

    Story: Skies of Equestria (Update Part 5!)

    [Crossover][Normal] Skies of Arcadia, with Ponies! I have been told that it is awesome, but mainly for fans of the game.

    Author: PJ Elliott
    Description: A ponified re-telling of Skies of Arcadia. Join Vyse and his fellow Air Pirates on their quest around the world to stop the Valuan Armada from collecting all six Elements of Harmony!
    Skies of Equestria

    Story: The Greatest Gift (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Stormy Seas
    Description: The two-day festival celebrating the coming of the new year is approaching and everypony is busy making their plans. However, when Luna decides to give all of Equestria a potentially dangerous gift she asks the Elements of Harmony to assist her in her task. Together the seven of them set off in search of something that Luna is convinced will remove the threat of another Nightmare. But a family secret, kept hidden and silent by Celestia for centuries, has returned and may prove to be more than they can overcome. If they can not then Equestria may be denied the greatest of all gifts.
    The Greatest Gift

    Story: Legion of Gloom (Update Story 2: Enter the League of Fanons Part 2!)


    Author: John Perry
    Description: The Legion of Gloom has returned, this time aligning themselves with a new, shadowy villain as they prepare to use the power of the Elements of Harmony against the Mane Six. But our heroes find aid in six mysterious ponies who seem to have all the answers…
    Enter the League of Fanons

    Story: Allegrezza (Update Part 6!)

    [Shipping] [Normal]

    Author: CoffeeGrunt
    Description: Octavia is part of a rare breed, a pony that can create beautiful music, despite lacking the horn unicorn musicians love. Her love for music is rivalled only by her love of fine whiskey, but not on the rocks, what kind of charlatan are you?

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