• Nightly Roundup #110

    Tsubasacon to Host Brony Meetup on Oct 8

    In some of the strangest news I have ever encountered, a convention held in Huntington, West Virginia had one of their concert acts cancel. So instead of replacing them with other acts, there will be a brony meetup held from noon to 1 pm. If you're in the area or attending the convention anyway, why the heck not? Convention website.

    The Big Book of Brony Seeks Assistance

    A massive undertaking currently entitled 'The Big Book of Brony, Volume 1: The Birth of Bronies' has been underway for some time, attempting to aggregate fan works of all types into a single compendium, but the strain of keeping pace with the community has begun to overwhelm the undertaker of this mad quest. 3-4 ponies are requested to help in the process. Go to this ponychan thread for more information, of if you're interested in helping out, contact [email protected]

    Dutch Brony Creates Pony Presentation

    As part of his English class, this gentleman put together a presentation on the topic of the Summer Sun Celebration (which by the way, is the best of all celebrations, Praise be to Celestia). See that below:

    Brony Seeking Bronies in Sandefjord, Norway

    It can be tough when you think you're all alone. So if you happen to live in that area and would be interested in getting to know your fellow pony fans, you should look here and reach out.

    Equestria Daily's Interview with Lauren Faust Now Available in Portuguese

    You may recall that a little while ago Tekaramity posted an interview with Lauren Faust (yes, that Lauren Faust). It was awesome, and came with an amazing custom image from Lauren herself. Now, thanks to the efforts of one brony from Brazil, it's also available in Portuguese. If you speak that language, would like to, or know somepony who does, you should check that out right here.

    Brazilian Brony Facebook Page, except replace 'facebook' and 'page' with B words

    I'm far too lazy to come up with recognizable alternative with internationally recognized trademarked names. But on the topic of Brazil, which seems to come up in every single nightly roundup I've been in charge of, somepony threw together a new Facebook page for you guys down there. Stay classy!

    Pony Cosplay from Dragon*Con 2011

    Proving yet another way in which I am totally ignorant of the world around me, I have no idea what kind of convention Dragon*Con is, except that it is full of really really amazing cosplay. As part of that this year, a group of girls made some stunning costumes for the mane six and took a bunch of pictures. I wish I looked half as good. See why I'm jealous here.

    More Stuff About Brazil

    Because I am disorganized and too sick to care. Anyway, it seems stores down there are starting to carry some neat little day planners, which both don't cost a fortune and look pretty cool. See? See? See? See?

    Twilight Sparkle Spotted at 5 Guys Burgers

    You know, I just ate there the other day. Not at this location, but still. For all of the reviews that they've got hanging on the walls, I think this may be the best one ever.

    Finding a use for Children's Shirts at Target

    I know that a contest and a half at our wonderful sponsors over at welovefine (see? Look! Look at me advertising! Praise me praise me, oh praise me do!) has sort of curtailed some of the jealousy factor over little girls getting all the pony merchandise, but an enterprising pony going by the handle 'Sparkle Motion' went and did something cool with one of the kiddie shirts - turned it into a pillow! The before and after images appear below.

    Pony Drinks Will Get You Drunk, But Only If You're Over 21

    Depending on your nationality, of course. I'm sure you're all familiar with the various pony-flavored mixed drinks floating around the web. Daffodil has put together two more, one for our new favorite villain, and another for Seth's favorite ship. To be perfectly honest, I think the only one I'd even be willing to try is the Twixie.

    Lunar Republic Flag Created, Hung on Wall

    We need more pony flags, I think. See this one here.

    Phoenix Area Brony Meetup Results

    September has been a hell of a month for gatherings. If one were so inclined, one might say there's some Magic in them all. There's certainly a lot of fun, at the very least. Check out the photo gallery from this desert collective and see what I mean!

    My Little Pony Presentation... en Francais!

    Proving that yes, French bronies are every bit as capable of standing up in front of their peers and discussing marshmallow equines as the rest of us. It is (predictably) in French, but if you don't care or are able to get around that you should check it out.

    The Greatest Umbrella of All Time

    Below, please find a wallpaper put together by one Lauren Goodnight. You'll notice it has two things which are generally considered awesome: filly Rarity and Portal. Then look at what she did with that, and come find me when you're done geeking out. I'll wait.

    Equestria Daily Apologizes to DJ Shamrock

    We filed this under Roundup news, not even really thinking about the consequences of time sensitive information. But as it turns out, you can't tell people about an 8pm Central radio show featuring the Remix War 4 entries in a post you'll schedule for 3 am Central at the earliest. So, you all missed that, and I kinda dropped the ball here. But you should all swing by next Monday because from 8-10 each week he does a show with one hour of Irish and one hour of Pony. Seems like a good mix to me. This would be the link you want.

    マイ リ-タ- ポ-ニ-
      フリンッダシュップ イ-ズ  マジッケ 

    Do you live in Okinawa? Are you a Brony? Well then, you should contact Katie at [email protected] and start arranging a meetup. Nationality is a total non-issue, so be you native or (like her) military personnel stationed, or even just passing by (hey it happens!), you should look into it. Ponies make everything better, and that includes Japan.

    Germany Catches up to Season 1, Episode 6

    If you've been following the German dub for Friendship is Magic, you'll be happy to know episode 6 has found it's way onto Youtube. And even if not, you ought to check this out to find out what Trixie sounds like in German (spoilers: there will never be a Trixie as good as the original). Find that somewhere in this general direction.

    Ponies Appear on Cartoon Network's MAD

    I don't have television. I don't even know what this show is. But it has ponies now, and you are all very full of e-mails about. Look at this pretty pony and stop filling our inbox, please.

    Upcoming Chicagoland Brony Division Meetups!

    There's a pair of meetups coming up in the near future arranged by this particular group, and if you happen to be in the region for either one of them you should totally show up and have fun.

    On Oct 9 from 1pm to 4 pm there will be an Apple picking event in Kenosha/Rancine, Wisconsin. Link.
    On Oct 15 there will be a Brony Jam Session (with Didgeridoos!) at the college of Dupage County. Link.

    Toronto Brony Seeking Help planning a Meetup

    Here at Equestria Daily, we take our matchmaking services very seriously. When you guys reach out to us hoping to find some friends in your area, we reach right back and provide free advertising. All the time, every time. Like this one. One brony, as yet unfamiliar with the metropolis around him, is hoping to organize a meetup involving, and I quote, "students from Ryerson University or anyone from downtown Toronto(or anyone willing to come to Toronto) who would like to meet up and discuss all things Brony". If you're able to attend something like this, or just have advice on the best places and times to set something like this up, contact him at [email protected]

    Pony iOS Theme Updated/Functional

    If you've got an Apple product and need some ponies for it, there's some sort of process involving adding the following repo and selecting the correct package as it pertains to your iDevice (not your OS). Most of this makes no sense to me, but I assume you future space wizards riding the hippest technology train this side of Jupiter are all totally squaresies. If you experience problems, hit up this Tumblr to ask about what's going on.

    Texas Gains +1 Pony Groups

    A newly formed group in Cinco Ranch (a subdivision of Katy, Texas) wishes that the world know the do in fact exist. They have a Facebook page and everything. Now that you are advised of how much they exist, you should look at joining them if you are as existent as they are relative to that corner of Texas (disclaimer: may not actually be a corner).

    Geek Feminism Approves of Ponies

    There's an article which appeared a little while back (but only just now came to our attention!) on geekfeminism.org regarding ponies and why they are amazing. It's a well put together article with a lot of nice things to say, and she went and took the trouble of quoting our interview with Lauren Faust, so there's some extra awesome points right there. Quick excerpt just in case you don't feel like link following, "Once you believe in rainbow colored ponies who can talk, there isn't much limit to your imagination." Heck yes.

    Merchandise and Shopping

    Blind Bag Trixie Custom Available at Auction
    Blind Bag Blueblood Custom Available at Auction
    Blind Bag Screwball Custom (already?) Available at Auction
    Gummy Custom Figurine Available at Auction - time running short!
    Opalescence Custom Figurine Available at Auction - time running short!

    Equestria Daily Thanks 'Mixermike' for the New Banner

    As the bosspony commands, so it shall be. Thanks, pony. You rock our socks off.

    Cereal Velocity Confirmed for Best Pony

    This weekend has, I would say, gone rather smoothly. Things went up on time, episodes were watched, fun times were had by all. None of it would have been possible if Cereal hadn't been so on top of things. Despite being sick and despite having all sorts of schoolwork, he tirelessly maintained the ever-growing wave of e-mails and kept our days scheduled and organized during a time when I simply couldn't. So now in my last act as Nightly Roundup Coordinator I want to publicly recognize him for his actions. Thank you, Cereal. You're the best.

    And thank you to the rest of you for putting up with my shenanigans. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Roundups.

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