• Story: Lives of Ponies - Celestia: The Last Princess

     [Normal] My Little Pony: The Fanfic: The Musical: The Game: The Never Ending Stream of Colons
    Author: Reginart-Renart
    Description: Princess Celestia is the best teacher in all of Equestria. But teaching is an art and first attempts can be messy. More than a thousand years ago, Celestia's first student and her sister had embarked on a journey that would take them across the world. For the land has become restless. Foes from the West and South seek the demise of Equestria itself. What should have been a simple teacher-student relationship becomes the starting point of an adventure that would shake Equestria forever. There will be tears, there will be blood, but most of all, there will be courage.
    Lives of Ponies - Celestia: The Last Princess: Prologue
    Lives of Ponies - Celestia: The Last Princess: Chapter 1

    Additional Tags: Self-discovery, Slice-of-life, Strained friendships, Long, Origin,

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