• Pony References in Diablo 3 Secret Level

    Someone on Reddit has leaked information from the MPQ Files of a Chinese client leaked US client for Diablo 3.  Apparently the "secret cow level" of this game is going to be a massive pony reference.  Some of these files are pretty amazing. 

    You can find all of the file names either at the page, or copy/pasted below!

    (Thanks to LupusAlbus for the heads up/copy paste!) 

    "From the MPQ exploration of the Chinese site.
    A4_1000MonsterFight_Encounter_Name Boss: Battle For Ponies
    A4_1000MonsterFight_Taunt_Text The battle for ponies is about to begin.
    A4_1000MonsterFight_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to witness
    A4_1000MonsterFight_Enter_Instruction You are about to witness
    A4_1000MonsterFight_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter
    BridlePurpose_Encounter_Name The Pinnacle of Ponies Event
    BridlePurpose_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to enter
    BridlePurpose_Enter_Instruction You are about to enter
    BridlePurpose_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter
    • Ponies_HopePrison Hope's Prison
    • PoniesPurificationTimer Purification Timer
    • Bridle_Ponies Bridle
    • BridleRitual_Encounter_Name Cells of the Condemned Event
    • BridleRitual_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to enter
    • BridleRitual_Enter_Instruction You are about to enter
    • BridleRitual_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter
    • Possibly this as well, given that dressage is a equestrian term:
    • Dressage_Encounter_Name Boss: The Larder
    • Dressage_Taunt_Text Defeat the demon Dressage!
    • Dressage_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to enter
    • Dressage_Enter_Instruction You are about to enter
    • Dressage_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter
    So it looks to be a timed event, possibly with the end boss being named The Larder, probably freeing ponies on your way.
    Edit: There's also a recipe for this item
    Smith_StaffOfCow Staff Of Cow
    Edit 2: Rewards?:
    • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_MonkReward Magic Fist Weapon
    • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_DHReward Magic Hand Crossbow
    • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_BarbReward Magic Weapon
    • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_WDReward Ceremonial Dagger
    • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_WizReward Magic Wand
    Bad guys are horses?:
    • TentacleHorse Rainbow Western
    • Unique_TentacleHorse_A Midnight Sparkle
    • TentacleHorse_B_Unique Nightmarity
    • Unique_TentacleHorse_A Nightmare is Magic
    • Unique_TentacleHorse_B Generosity in Death"

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