• Story: Letters and Words / In Defense of Acre / So Sweet and Tasty

    Three stories from Hiddenbrony, all found after the break! 


    Author: HiddenBrony
    Description: Twilight receives a surprising letter from the Princess - but not the Princess she's used to!
    Letters and Words

    Additional Tags: A Monkey Paw'd request from Doctor Dapple, Twilight, Luna

    Description: Applejack loves Sweet Apple Acres with her very being, so when a creature from the Everfree Forest is loose in the orchards, it's up to the hardworking farmpony to neutralize the threat!
    In Defense of the Acre

    Additional Tags: Applejack Sweet Apple Acres Adventure Zecora, A Monkey Paw'd request from Arcel-Windwing

    Description: Rainbow Dash wakes up with a smarting headache and more questions than answers. But when Pinkie Pie finds her tied down, what does she mean by 'Rainbow Cupcakes'?
    So Sweet and Tasty!

    Additional Tags: Grimlight Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie

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