• Comics: Braeburn and Carrot Top/ Fourze and Luna

    Source: Whirly Willow

    Pairings are all the rage these days. Everypony has to have somepony, or else they are nopony. Do you hear that, single ponies? Get crackin'! I want to see you all paired off by the time the sun is down. To get you motivated, please find above Braeburn and Carrot Top in the middle of their annual "Who has the most ridiculously sexy mane" competition and... I'm pretty sure there's nothing else going on in that one, so don't bother reading into it. And then below, for you Kamen Rider fans there's a bit of Kengo and Luna. I don't know how many of you are really going to catch the reference, but to quote Seth on this one, "This is ego anyway so it needs to post by default!" Well said!

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